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 The Terrorside of Star Battles...

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Seiga Kaku
Seiga Kaku

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The Terrorside of Star Battles... Empty
PostSubject: The Terrorside of Star Battles...   The Terrorside of Star Battles... EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 1:59 am

In the mountain side...
A BMW M3 GTR can be seen in a Drifting competition against a Mazda RX-7...
So far the BMW scored 233,405 Drift Points and the Mazda RX-7 scored 324,111 Drift Points
Kagami in the BMW may lose this one...
Wait, what's that an-OH and Kagami got to careless and accidentally drove off the cliff...
That may be the end of her career.....

5 Years Before the Event.......

In Downtown Tokyo.....

Akira: Damn it Kagami we are going to be late for the Racing Event!
Kagami: Ahhh yes maybe I should drive faster and get a ticket!
Akira: Okay okay damn it. Take your time, dumbass.
Kagami: Quit your complaining. *Turns on Radio*
Radio Talker: We interrupt this news: ИЕДМ is back in power and it is causing Russia problems. The cat will also cancel out all Radio Brodca-
*All the Radio Stations in the world lost transmission*
Akira: Great! That fucking cat is at it again!!!!!!
Kagami: This cat must be stopped!...
*Godzilla is slowing heading towards the city*
Kagami: Well we are here. *Parks the Blue Smart Car in the parking lot and gets out*
Akira: About damn time, damn slow damn car.
*Godzilla gets closer*
Kagami: Do I hear something?
Hong Meiling: *Appears from nowhere* Yes, it is something strange.
Kagami: Why hi Hong Ko-er-Meiling, so you feel it too?
Meiling: Well of course, do you know something is heading this way?
Akira: What damn thing a damn big fat foot?
Meiling: Much Larger...
Mao Zedong: Hello everyone *waves*
Meiling: Why hi Chairman Mao, you here to take care of the strange thing heading this way?
Mao Zedong: Of course I am, and so is Yuki!
Yuki: Godzila is coming the Godzila is coming and it's heading this way!!!
Mao Zedong, Meiling, and Kagami: Aww, him again! D:
Akira: That bastard Godzilla at it again, well shit.
*Godzilla appears*
Akira: Still Sounds like fucking Domo-Kun, Domo says the same damn thing.

A Boss Battle Erupts....

Godzilla: 5000/5000 HP vs (Mao Zedong: 430/430 HP) (Hong Meiling: 700/700 HP) (Akira: 300/300 HP) (Kagami: 1000/1000 HP)

Yuki: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! FIGHT!!!!

*Mao Zedong fires Tank!* *Godzilla lost 300 HP!*
*Hong Meiling used Roundhouse Kick!* *Godzilla lost 400 HP!*
*Akira used loud, violent yelling!* *Godzilla got Brain Damage, Went Deaf, and lost 1000 HP!*
*Kagami used AK-47!* *Godzilla lost 300 HP!*
*Godzilla did nothing because he got brain damage!*
*Mao Zedong and Hong Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *Godzilla lost 2000 HP and died!*

Yuki: Awesome well see you in Moscow!!! *Teleports there*
Mao Zedong: Well I helped enough, may I see you comrades next time! Bye! *Waves goodbye*
Kagami and Meiling: Bye! See you all later! =]
Akira: Next City!!! NOW!!!!

In Gensokyo....

Meiling: Well here we are!
Akira: Well about damn time!
Kagami: Geez why so in a rush?
Akira: WHy ask questions?
Meiling: Why so fighting mood?
Kagami: Lets take the Subaru Impreza Rally car to travel...
*The 3 get in the Subaru Impreza*
Kagami: I wonder what's on the Radio...
Akira: Why you so stupid? That cat took it all away.
Kagami: Oh yes Forgot about that.
Meiling: You no hungry for fighting, you are hungry for hot pockets!
Akira: ........
Kagami: Ehh, now's not the time. ^^;
Meiling: Okay...
Akira: Oh no Mikuru...
Kagami: *Stops the car*
Meiling: *Rolls down the window* Why hi, you need a ride?
Mikuru: Ehhh...no but I came to warn you.
Akira: Warn us about what? Speak up!
Mikuru: Marisa and Remiu are waiting for you they want to fight you!
Akira: Well thanks for the info jerk! *Rolls up Meiling's Window* FORWARD, MARCH! *plays C&C Red Alert 2 music (Hell March 2) from iPod*

35 Miles down the road...

*All of them gets out of car*

Marisa: Well well well if it isnt Kagami, Akira, and Meiling!!!
Remiu: I will replace all your faces and make it the same as mine! HA-HA!!!
Meiling: Never, I will fight you both then.
Marisa: Go ahead then, I dare you!!!

Another boss battle begins:

Marisa & Remiu: 6000/6000 HP vs (Meiling: 2000/2000 HP), (Akira: 333/333 HP), (Kagami: 2525/2525 HP)

*Meiling used Roundhouse Kick!* *Marisa and Remiu both lost 1000 HP!*
*Akira used Screaming, Yelling, and Violent Cursing attack!* *Marisa & Remiu got Brain Damage and lost 2000 HP!*
*Kagami used AK-47!* *Remiu and Marisa lost 500 HP!*
*Marisa got Brain Damage, but she uses Fly!* *Marisa's attack missed...*
*Remiu used Arrow throw!* *Kagami lost 200 HP!* *Has no effect on Akira!* *Meiling lost 200 HP!*
*Akira used Pack Recover!* *Meiling and Kagami are back at full HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *Marisa lost 3000 HP and died!* *Has no effect on Remiu!*
*Kagami used AK-47!* *Remiu lost 500 HP!*
*Remiu used Arrow throw!* *Remiu's attack missed.....*
*Meiling used Kung Fu!* *Remiu lost 1000 HP!*
*Kagami used Rocket Launcher!* *Remiu lost 700 HP!*
*Akira used The PS Triple!* *Remiu lost 599 HP and died!*

Meiling: That was not easy.
Akira: No Shit Sherlock...
Kagami: =_=;

Now in Liberty City...

Akira: OMG! Grand Theft Awesome IV!
Kagami: And 3....
Niko Bellic: Oh hello there.
Meiling: So this is Liberty City eh?? Nice...
Niko Bellic: Why yes it is!
Akira: GET OUT OF THE TAXI YOU n00b! *shoots pistol at driver and steals ZR-350*
Niko Bellic: What the?
Meiling and Kagami: Huh!?
Akira: Weeee!!!!! *ditiches the car and sees a cop*
Konata: Akira!!! Freeze!!!
Akira: Nevar!!! *Takes out phone and summons an Anhibitor with it and puts phone away*
Konata: I have warned you.
Akira: *Runs up to Konata and kicks her in the face*
Konata: Owwww.....
Akira: *Gets in the Anhibitor and flies off* Hahahahaha!!! You will-*gets a call and picks up phone*
????: NEDM *hangs up*
*NEDM Music plays and the Anhibitor controls itself*
Akira: Damn you stupid cat damn you!!!!!!
*The Anhibitor runs over a building but losses the back wing while doing so*
Akira: CURSE YOU!!!!!!! *Jumps out of the chopper and lands in the water* YES! YES!
Niko Bellic: Amazing...
Meiling: Indeed.

*A boat arrives*
Kagami: Get on the boat.
*Akira gets on the boat and returns to shore with Kagami*
Akira: I want a Dirt Bike! *Sees Sanchez and steals it* Yes!!!!!!!
Meiling: No....
Akira: Screw this *Ditches the bike*
Claude Speed: ......
Meiling: A battle I say!

Boss Battle for the 3rd time....

Claude Speed: 2000/2000 vs (Meiling: 7000/7000), (Akira: 377/377), (Kagami: 4444/4444)

Niko Bellic: 7! 5! 3! 1! Fight!!!

*Meiling used Roundhouse Kick!* *Claude lost 200 HP!*
*Akira used Violent Loud Yelling!* *Claude lost 100 HP!*
*Kagami used Ak-47!* *Claude lost 100 HP!*
*Claude used Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher!* *Meiling, Akira, and Kagami lost 1000 HP! and Akira fainted!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *Claude lost 300 HP!*
*Kagami used Rocket Launcher!* *Claude lost 500 HP!*
*Claude used Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher!* *Meiling and Kagami lost 1000 HP!*
*Meiling used Kung Fu!* *Claude lost 600 HP!*
*Kagami used Rocket Launcher!* *Claude lost 500 HP and died!*

Niko Bellic: *Buys revive potion and revives Akira with it!*
Akira: Thank you very much!
Niko Bellic: no problem and good luck fighting ИЕДМ.
Akira, Meiling, and Kagami: We will ^^

In Moscow, Russia.....

Stalin: Stop right now!!!
Meiling: This is unexpected!!
Yuki: I will help!
Kagami: Thank you!

Mini Battle alert!

Stalin: 8000/8000 vs (Meiling: 8000/8000), (Akira: 1000/1000 HP), (Kagami: 7777/7777), (Yuki: 8200/8200)

*Stalin used Hammer and Sickle!* *Meiling, Akira, Yuki, and Kagami lost 500 HP!*
*Kagami used AK-47!* *It had no effect.....*
*Yuki used M-16!* *Stalin lost 200 HP!*
*Akira used Loud Yelling and Cursing!* *Stalin lost 700 HP!*
*Meiling used Roundhouse Kick!* *Stalin lost 1100 HP!*
*Stalin used Russian Army!* *Meiling, Yuki, and Kagami lost 3000 HP!* *Attack missed Akira...*
*Yuki used Opel Engine!* *Stalin lost 1000 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *Stalin lost 500 HP!*
*Kagami used Rocket Launcher!* *Stalin lost 500 HP!*
*Akira used Loud Yelling, Throws Keyboard, and Screams!* *Stalin lost 1000 HP!*
*Stalin used AK-47!* *No effect on Meiling and Kagami....* *Akira lost 200 HP!* *Yuki lost 500 HP!*
*Meiling used Karate!* *Stalin lost 1500 HP!*
*Yuki used M-16!* *Stalin lost 500 HP!*
*Kagami threw a BMW X5 at Stalin!* *Stalin lost 2000 HP and died!*

Kagami: That is close.....
Akira: An unexpected battle at the start.....
Meiling: I have a feling that cat is in the forest.
Yuki: Well lets go then!!!
*The 4 get in the Subaru and drives off*
*Akira plays X-Files them from the iPod*
Meiling: Spooky....O_O
Yuki: It makes sence....
Kagami: Lets just hurry before something happens..
Meiling: I see dead people on the Road....no joke...
Yuki: o.o Wow.....
Kagami: *Sees something up ahead* Hey, here we are. *Stops the car*
*Everyone gets out*
Yuyuko Saigyouji: Hello every*coughs*one...
Meiling: Are you ok? What happened?
Yuyuko Saigyouji: The cat....the cat....
Meiling: We ae here to fight it!
????: ... ... ...
Akira: Get ready...
ИЕДМ Cat: NEDM Fight!!

Final Boss Battle...

ИЕДМ: 105,100/105,000 HP vs (Meiling: 12,300 HP) (Akira: 5000 HP) (Kagami: 10,000 HP) (Yuki: 13,900 HP)
*NEDM Music plays*

*ИЕДМ used Cat Rage!!!* *Meiling, Akira, Kagami, and Yuki lost 3000 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *ИЕДМ lost 1000 HP!*
*Kagami used Rocket Launcher!* *ИЕДМ lost 500 HP!*
*Yuki used The Big City Slider Station!* *ИЕДМ Lost 2000 HP!*
*Akira used Recover!* *She is back at full health!*
*ИЕДМ used Hurricane Cat!* *The Group lost 4000 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy and Kung Fu!* *ИЕДМ lost 5000 HP!*
*Kagami used Flamethrower!* *ИЕДМ lost 6000 HP!*
*Yuki used M-16!* *ИЕДМ lost 500 HP!*
*Akira used Yelling, Screaming, Keyboard Throw, and punches!* *ИЕДМ lost 2000 HP!*
*ИЕДМ used bite!* *The Group has 1 HP left!*

Meiling: *Falls to the floor* Damn.....cat...
Akira: Agh!
Kagami: Damn cat too powerful!!!
Yuki: Doomed much?
Yuyuko Saigyouji: NO!!!!!

*Yuyuko Saigyouji recovers the group and increases the groups HP and power!*

ИЕДМ: 88000/105,000 HP vs (Meiling & Akira & Kagami & Yuki: 100,000/100,000)

*Kagami used Heat-Seeking Rocket launcher!* *ИЕДМ lost 8000 HP!*
*Akira used Kick!* *ИЕДМ lost 500 HP!*
*Yuki used Book Throw!* *ИЕДМ lost 1500 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Dragon Kung Fu Democracy!* *ИЕДМ lost 100,000 HP and died!*

Meiling: We won!!!
Akira: Yay!!!
Kagami: Now the Radio Stations are back to normal!!!
Yuki: Now I can read in peace....

5 years later, in the Canyons, present day...

Kagami: My BMW will own you!
Cirno: Eye'm the best!!!

*The BMW and Mazda drives off and the drift race starts*

Kagami: The 1st corner! *Power slides through the corner*

Cirno: That bastard.... *powerslides through the next 3 corners and takes the lead*

Kagami: Great you! *Does the same*

Cirno: *Leaves Ice Cubes on the Road* Haha!

Kagami: Nooo I hate you wai- *drives into them, tires break, and drives tough the barrier and the BMW crashes and explodes*

It is unknown what happens after....
This is the end.......or is it.....
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Seiga Kaku
Seiga Kaku

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The Terrorside of Star Battles... Empty
PostSubject: The Terrorside Of Star Battles Segment 2   The Terrorside of Star Battles... EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 3:20 pm

From the Canyonside....

Cirno: Yes, eye won! *heh, Kagami is gone...such a shame*
Minami: Where is Kagami?
Cirno: Eye don't know!
Minami: .........

In Downtown Tokyo....

Akira: Back in this damn city!
Meiling: Well....this is your hometown.
Akira: Not damn really. Where the hell you from?
Meiling: Shanghai....
Akira: Oh, Shang HAI
Meiling: ............
Konata: Hiya! :3
Akira: Oh hi some blue haired person I forgot your damn name some time ago. Who the hell are you again?
Konata: You don't remember me?
Meiling: Oh, hi Konata....
Konata: Hiya! You are Hong Kong?
Meiling: I AM NOT A CITY!!!!! Its Hong Meiling to you!
Konata: Agh! Sorry! 3:
Akira: *Points at Meiling and laughs* HA-HA!
Meiling: *Tightens fist* Make fun of me one more time......
Konata: D:
Akira: Geez take a damn joke. <.<
Patchouli Knowledge: NO U!
Meiling: Heh, owned. And hi there Miss Knowledge.
Konata: Patchy! Hiya! :3
Patchouli: Why hi to you all too.
Akira: Me take joke? No, damn you.
Patchouli: Meh.
Meiling: What brings you here?
Patchouli: I don't know.
Akira: *Looks at the top of some tall buildings and sees something* It's King Kong!
Konata: 3: Not him! *Hides*
Akira: *Points and Laughs* HAHAHAHAHA
Meiling: That wasn't very nice.
Akira: I! Don't! Care!
Meiling: ........
Patchouli: Let's fight this monster.
Meiling: Yes, before we forget and he destroys the city.

Another fight after a while....

King Kong: 7000 HP vs (Meiling: 150,000 HP), (Akira: 140,000 HP), (Patchouli: 6000 HP)

*King Kong used stomp* *Attacked missed*
*Meiling used Thunder Punch!* *King Kong lost 500 HP!*
*Akira used Desert Eagle!* *King Kong lost 500 HP!*
*Patchouli threw Dictionaries!* *King Kong lost 500 HP!*
*King Kong used Arm Hammer!* *Meiling lost 5000 HP!* *Akira lost 2000 HP!* *Patchy avoided the attack*
*Meiling used Slam Karate Kick!* *King Kong lost 1500 HP!*
*Akira threw a sharp boomerang razorblades!* *King Kong lost 1000 HP!*
*Patchouli used Light Magic!* *King Kong lost 2000 HP!*
*King Kong used Punch!* *Meiling lost 45,000 HP!* *Akira lost 30,000 HP!* *Patchy lost 1000 HP!*
*Patchouli used recover and heal!* *Meiling, Akira, and Patchy are back at full health!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *King Kong lost 2000 HP and died!*

Konata: Yes, you defeated the evil monster!
Meiling: We had to.
Akira: What's with you and your Chinese Democracy?
Meiling: It needs to be protected at all times and it is a very powerful attack.
Akira: .......
Konata: Hey where did Patchy go?
Akira: *Looks around* She is gone!
Meiling: She just went somewhere else after the battle. Let's just go to Shanghai, my hometown! ^o^
Akira: Shang HAI!
Konata: Quit making fun of cities 3=

In Shanghai, People's Republic of China....

Meiling: I love my city! It is very beautiful, don't you think?
Konata: It is very cute! :3
Akira: Funny name XD
Meiling: =_=;
Konata: .........
Akira: Ok fine I'll stop. <.<
Mao Zedong: Hello, everyone once again!
Meiling: Hello Chairman Mao, how is business going for you these days?
Mao Zedong: It is very fine. But there is trouble down in Pyongyang I have heard.
Akira: What, trouble?
Meiling: You don't even know Akira? Kim Il-Sung is planning to cause a Nuclear Nightmare!
Konata: Where the world gets covered in Nuclear Clouds, where the sun never shines for a very long time for years and we all die from it?
Meiling: Correct.
Konata: >.<
Akira: Duke Nukem!
Meiling: Not Duke Nukem foo' it's with Nuclear Missiles that causes it....
Mao Zedong: Duke Nukem....? Isn't he the one that saves the world from Ailen Creatures from space?
Meiling: You are exactly correct.
Cirno: But eye'm teh strongest!
Meiling: Shut up baka. *Kicks Cirno out of the city*
Cirno: I'm off into the sky-*cant be heard*
Mao Zedong: Oh great who gave her a Travel Card?
Meiling: I don't know!
Akira: She's just a baka.
Konata: Agreed.
Akira: Oh hello there, what products are you selling today?
Meiling: You mean Vince Offer?
Mao Zedong: That idiot...
Billy Mays: YES, HE MUST BE STOPPED! WELL I MUST GO NOW BEFORE HE ARRIVES *Disappears into thin air*
Meiling: Lol How can Vince use Shamwow to kill people?
Mao Zedong: That is a very weird way to kill.
Akira: ShamWOW? I like ZORBEEZ better.
Meiling: Billy Mays' products FTW!
Vince Offer: Hi Bitches, Vince here with shamWOW! Made in Germany you know the Germans always make good stuff!
Akira: I HATE YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Konata: I'll stay out of this fight I don't like to fight. ><

A Battle against the Evil Vince begins....

Vince Offer: 10,000 HP vs (Mao Zedong: 12,000 HP), (Meiling: 170,000 HP), (Akira: 145,000 HP)

*Vince Offer chokes Meiling with ShamWOW!* *Meiling can't gasp for air and loses 70,000 HP!*
*Mao Zedong uses Tank!* *Vince lets go of Meiling and got ran over by tank!* *Vince loses 3000 HP!*
*Akira uses Extreme Heal Potion on Meiling!* *Meiling is now back at full health!*
*Meiling is fine now and she used Dragon's Dance!* *Her attack rose by a hell lot!*
*Vince Offer used Slap Chop on Akira!* *Akira lost 10,000 HP!*
*Akira used Recover!* *She's back at full health!*
*Meiling used Roundhouse Kick!* *Vince Offer lost 7000 HP and dies!*

Konata: What happened to the Chinese Democracy attack?
Meiling: Meh, I didn't want to use it since the battle seemed easy....
Mao Zedong: Let's go to Pyongyaang and stop Kim Il-Sung.
Akira: I wonder if there is going to be a Mini Boss like last time...
Meiling: I don't know..
Patchouli: Hello there, back and going to help to to the very end!
Akira: That's nice.

In Pyongyang.....

Konata: Oh no again! ><

Kim Il-Sung appears and a fight begins!

Kim Il-Sung: 120,000 HP vs (Mao Zedong: 13,000 HP), (Meiling: 190,000 HP) (Akira: 170,000 HP), (Patchouli: 17,000 HP)

*Mao Zedong used Chinese Army!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 10,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Karate!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 2000 HP!*
*Akira threw a Toyota Supra!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 1000 HP!*
*Patchy used Curse!* *Kim Il-Sung gets a curse and loses 20,000 HP + plus an additional -1000 HP each turn!*
*Kim Il-Sung used Missile!* *Meiling, Akira, Mao Zedong, and Patchy lost 10,000 HP!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 1000 HP due to curse!*
*Mao Zedong used Combat Shotgun!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 5000 HP!*
*Akira used Pack Heal!* *Mao, Meiling, Patchy, and Akira are back at full health!*
*Patchy used Bright Light Magic!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 30,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Dragon Rage!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 20,000 HP!*
*Kim Il-Sung used Nuclear Missile!* *Mao and Patchy fainted!* *Meiling and Akira lost 160,000 HP!* *Kim Il-Sung got rid of curse!*
*Yuyuko Saigyouji appears and revives Mao and Patchy and heals Meiling and Akira!*

Kim Il-Sung: 31,000 HP ||| (Mao Zedong: 140,000 HP), (Meiling: 200,000 HP), (Akira: 180,000 HP), (Patchouli: 190,000 HP)

*Akira used Lightning Power!* *Her attack rose greatly!*
*Meiling and Mao Zedong used Chinese Democracy!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 21,000 HP!*
*Patchy used German Propaganda!* *Kim Il-Sung lost 12,000 HP and died!*

Akira: Wait, I though Kim Il-Sung was supposed to be the last boss?
Meiling: Come to think of it, your right, it seems like this was a mini boss....
Mao Zedong: Somethings fishy around here.
Konata: Toyo!
Patchouli: Well at least Yuyuko was here to help.
Yuyuko: I always help. Sure I don't fight at all, I just help you guys out by reviving and healing you and give you more HP.
Meiling: That's amazing, without you around we would be screwed!
Patchouli: I smell something.....hmm wait it's it's!
Akira: That fucking cat again?!
????: Right, and I'm the one who summoned it!
Akira: Who the hell are you?
????: Sorry, but I am not telling! Enjoy the same cat battle but he's more powerful than before! HAHAHAHAHA! *Flies off and vanishes*
Meiling: Damn him to hell...
Konata: Noooooooooo!!!
Advice Dog: Here is some advice, don't mes with us!
Meiling: Advice Dog too?!!?!

The last battle generates....

NEDM: 200,000 HP, Advice Dog: 190,000 HP vs (Mao Zedong: 190,000 HP), (Meiling: 230,000 HP), (Akira: 210,000 HP), (Patchouli: 235,000 HP), (Konata: 100,000 HP)

*Konata uses escape!* *NEDM Cat prevents Konata from leaving the battle!*
*Advice Dog uses random advice: Watch out for raining blocks!* *Blocks fall from the sky!* *The Group lost 20,000 HP!*
*Mao Zedong and Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *Advice Dog lost 40,000 HP!* *NEDM Cat lost 20,000 HP!*
*Akira used Fire Punch!* *NEDM Cat and Advice Dog lost 10,000 HP!*
*Patchouli used Damnation of Objection!* *Advice Dog and NEDM Cat lost 50,000 HP!*
*NEDM Cat used heal!* *NEDM Cat is back at full health!*
*Advice Dog gives an Advice: Be careful of landing, crashing planes!* *Unexpected Planes land and explode!* *The Group lost 30,000 HP!*
*Mao Zedong fires the Tank!* *Advice Dog lost 10,000 HP!* *No effect on NEDM Cat...*
*Meiling used Dragon Sword!* *Advice Dog lost 50,000 HP!* *NEDM Cat lost 10,000 HP!*
*Akira used Vietnam Army!* *Advice Dog lost 40,000 HP and died!* *NEDM Cat lost 2000 HP!*
*Patchy used Kind Spirit!* *NEDM Cat lost 5000 HP!*
*Konata used Timoteiiiiii!* *NEDM Cat couldn't stand it and lost 32,000 HP!* *The attack prevents NEDM Cat from healing itself!*
*NEDM Cat used Cat Hellfire!* *The Group lost 50,000 HP!* *Konata holds the Shield and has 1HP left and avoided death!*
*Yuyuko quickly fully heals the Group!*
*Meiling used Hammer Throw!* *NEDM Cat lost 2000 HP!*
*Akira used Fire and Flames!* *NEDM Cat got severely burned and lost 100,000 HP!*
*Mao Zedong threw Burning Tree!* *NEDM Cat lost 40,000 HP!*
*Patchy used Shining Lights!* *NEDM Cat lost 90,000 HP and died!*

Patchouli: That was close.....
Mao Zedong: It was.
Meiling: I wonder who is behind all this!
Akira: I wonder the same thing!
Konata: *Shrugs* I wonder of it's Zero-two or someone far worse....
Mao Zedong: Could be..Well I must go back to my country and help the people. You can visit me anytime, but I'm afraid I can't help you guys fight no more.
Meiling: I understand. Thanks for helping us in battles!
Mao Zedong: You are very welcome, glad I was able to help.
Akira: Well good luck protecting your country.
Mao Zedong: Thanks. Well I must go now. See you again one day I hope!
Meiling: Don't worry, we will be sure to visit if we ever have time. Well bye!
Mao Zedong: *Waves goodbye* Why thanks, and well, goodbye! May I see you all again!
Meiling, Patchy, and Konata: *Waves Goodbye too* No problem and we hope so too! =]
Akira: So who is behind the Madness lately?
Meiling: We will find out soon eventually....

In the Underground Base, somewhere in Laos....

Cirno: Eye got rid of Kagami!
????: Good, good. Now we need to get rid of the rest before they defeat us.
Cirno: That is right! But dang, they Defeated NEDM Cat and Advice Dog!
????: Do not worry much, they may have gotten this far, but they shall not win again!

The end point of this segment. Brought to you by BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine.....just kidding.
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Seiga Kaku

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The Terrorside of Star Battles... Empty
PostSubject: The Terrorside of Star Battles Segment 3   The Terrorside of Star Battles... EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 9:34 pm

In Tokyo.....

Akira: Well we are back here once again with NOTHING coverage!
Patchouli: Well yes this is the beginning!!!
Meiling: Yes, give this city a break....
Akira: OH IT's that fucking idiot from the Bankruptcy country!
Konata: Awww naw! 3X
Minami: What a douche...

The Evil President Fight begins....

Mega George Bush: 15,000 HP vs (Meiling: 250,000 HP) (Akira: 249,000 HP), (Minami: 110,000 HP), (Patchy: 270,000 HP)

*Mega George Bush used Body Slam!* *The Group lost 100,000 HP!*
*Minami used King of the Hill!* *Mega George Bush lost 5000 HP!*
*Meiling used Super Punch!* *Mega George Bush lost 2500 HP!*
*Akira used the iRaq invented by Apple!* *Mega George Bush lost 7500 HP and died!*

Patchouli: Ahhh~ the weakest boss yet!
Konata: It didn't even take long l0l xD
Minami: Idiot President...
Meiling: Agreed.
Akira: Let's go, away from this city.....
Meiling: Ok!

In Beijing.....

Mao Zedong: Hello again! Good to see you!
Meiling: Hi again!
Konata: Hiya! =3
Akira: Oh hiy.
Mao Zedong: Bad news, Cirno is causing trouble and she must be stopped!
Akira: Cirno you say? That baka! We will take care of her!
Mao Zedong: Hurry before it's too late. Go to The Forbidden City, that's where she is.
Akira: Ok!

In The Forbidden City in Beijing......
Meiling: Freeze, baka!
Cirno: Eye'm not a baka! Eye'm the Strongest cause eye'm a 9!
Minami: Numbers don't mean anything....
Cirno: Yes it does!!!
Akira: Go ahead and say that all you want I am not buying it!
Cirno: Eye'm not selling anything!!!
Konata: Go away you are annoying Baka 3:<
Cirno: NO!!!

The fight of the 9's......

Cirno: 99,999 HP vs (Meiling: 260,000 HP), (Akira: 261,000 HP), (Minami: 130,000 HP), (Patchouli: 290,000 HP)

*Meiling used Thunder Punch!* *Cirno lost 9,999 HP!*
*Akira used Fire Punch!* *Cirno lost 50,000 HP!*
*Minami used shield!* *Her defense greatly rose!*
*Patchy used Light Screen!* *Her defense went up!*
*Cirno used Ice Cube throw!* *Meiling and Akira lost 1000 HP!* *Minami and Patchy lost 0 HP!*
*Meiling used Roundhouse Kick!* *Cirno lost 10,000 HP!*
*Akira used Slap!* *Cirno lost 5000 HP!*
*Minami threw burning grass!* *Cirno lost 15,000 HP!*
*Patchy used Heat Wave!* *Cirno lost 50,000 HP and fainted!*

Cirno: Damn you!!!!!!!!! *Disappears into thin air*
Akira: Geez, she didn't die? Still a Baka....
Meiling: Tell me about it, she seems to never give up.
Akira: I bet we are going to fight her again....I just know it.
Minami: That is true perdition, but then again, it may be wrong.
Patchouli: I see......
Konata: Well lets go I suppose.
Meiling: *Takes pictures of the Forbidden City before leaving* Ok I am ready to go to next city!

In Los Angeles, Night Time...

*The Camera travels down a roadway, then turns left, follows it up until the net light stop, then turns right and zooms in at the BMW X5*
Akira: I have a feeling that this is like a classic game.
Meiling: *Stops at the Stop sign, then turns left* Tell me about it, I feel strange....
Konata: The buildings are oddly shaped.
Minami: I don't like this place one bit.
*Cops start to chase the BMW X5*
Meiling: Aww you have got to be kidding me. Hang on, ya'll *steps on it and travels faster*
Akira: Hurry, they are catching up!!!
Meiling: I am, I am dang it! *Drives faster*
Patchouli: Aaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! O_________O
Konata: Waffles!  ̄ω ̄
Meiling: *Turns into an Alley Way* Oh great, here comes a ramp! D:
Minami: This driving makes me sick! =X
Meiling: Hang on for good!!!!
*The BMW X5 gets driven off the ramp, catches some big air, then lands on the road harshly but safely*
Minami: Ugh I feel sick....
Akira: Yeeeeehaaawwww!!!!!!! ^o^ That was awesome!!!
Patchouli: *Shivers* This is crazy!!! @_@
Meiling: What did I tell you *looks in the mirror* Hey, the cops are gone!!!
Konata: Good! :3
Patchouli: Nothing gets by you, does it?
Konata: Not really. X3
Patchouli: @_@
Meiling: *Slams on the brakes*
Akira: Who what where why did you slam on the brakes?
Meiling: Hmm, let's get out of the car.
*The Group gets out of the BMW X5*
Tanner: Well well well breaking the laws as usual I see.
Meiling: Hmmm, maybe, maybe not. Bring it on!

The battle against the Law....

Tanner: 30,000 HP vs (Meiling: 300,000 HP), (Minami: 170,000 HP), (Akira: 290,000 HP), (Patchouli: 350,000 HP)

*Tanner used Pistol!* *Meiling and Akira lost 500 HP!* *Minami and Patchy lost 0 HP!*
*Akira used Shotgun!* *Tanner lost 5000 HP!*
*Minami threw hammers!* *Tanner lost 5000 HP!*
*Patchouli used Queen of Wisdom!* *Tanner got confused and lost 5000 HP!*
*Meiling used Dragon Rage!* *Tanner lost 15,000 HP and got defeated!*

Meiling: That was easy.
Akira: Yes, because of the long and wild ride cop chase!
Konata: Yay cop died!!!
Tanner: heh, you may have won, but this is not over. I'll be back!!!!.....*Vanishes*
Akira: Oh great! Well next city now!!

In Rockport City, Oil Refinery........

Bull: Razor, what are you planning to do today?
Razor: If a new racer enters the city, I will race that person and take his/her car.
Bull: Like you did with the one that owned the BMW M3?
Razor: Yes.....

In Rosewood District Section of Rockport...

Meiling: Well, we are here in this city!
Akira: Well good...
*A Ford Mustang GT appears*
Patchouli: Who is that?
Razor: Well well well, what a surprise.
Akira: What, you expected us to be here?
Razor: Well, not really. But Cirno told me all about you and your friends. Okay, hand over the ride.
Meiling: You mean this BMW? Sorry, we will not.
Robot Vince Offer: Sup beetches, Vince here with the Shamwow Triple. Made in Germany y-
Razor: Oh great, well that's it I am out of here I do not want to deal with that Vince Offer well bye *Gets back in the Mustang and drives off*
Akira: Owned.
Meiling: Let's fight this Robot...

The Revenge of ShamWOW.....

Robot Vince: 120,000 HP vs (Meiling: 333,000 HP), (Akira: 313,000 HP), (Minami: 244,000 HP), (Patchouli: 400,000 HP)

*Robot Vince chokes Meiling and Patchy with ShamWOW* *Meiling and Patchy are severl choked and lost 300,000 HP!*
*Akira grabbed the ShamWOW, let Meiling and Patchy go, and while Robot Vince is still holding onto ShamWOW, Akira spins it around 20 times, then lets go and Robot Vince gets thrown so far he lands into the ocean and gets destroyed*

Meiling: Good one!
Patchouli: That fight was no sweat! ^^;
Konata: Good job! *Thumbs up and winks* :3
Akira: Why thanks.

In the Secret Underground Place in Tokyo....

Cirno: well not you again.
Meiling Yes us again.
Yuki: I'll help this fight.
Yutaka: me too!

Fight of the 9's, 2nd time around.....

Cirno: 999,999 vs (Meiling: 500,000 HP), (Akira: 499,000 HP), (Minami: 420,000 HP), (Patchouli: 570,000 HP), (Yuki & Yutaka: 510,000 HP)

*Cirno used Ice Punch!* *The Group lost 1000 HP!*
*Meiling used Thunder Punch!* *Cirno lost 9999 HP!*
*Akira threw a Ford F-150 SVT Lightning Heavyweight Edition!* *Cirno lost 70,000 HP!*
*Minami used Firewall!* *The Group defense's Greatly Rose and Cirno lost 50,000 HP!*
*Patchy used Shining Light!* *Cirno lost 80,000 HP!*
*Yuki used Hammer Slam!* *Cirno lost 100,000 HP!*
*Yutaka used Fire Storm!* *Cirno lost 200,000 HP!*
*Cirno used Ice Storm!* *The Group lost 5,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Dragon's Dance!* *Her attack greatly rose!*
*Minami used Match!* *Cirno lost 1000 HP!*
*Akira threw 18-Wheeler!* *Cirno got crushed and lost 300,000 HP!*
*Minami used Hammer Punch!* *Cirno lost 700,000 HP and fainted!*

Cirno: Agh! Hate you all!
Meiling: So, where's your master?
Marx: *Flies from above* Well well well of it isn't Meiling and Friends. *Blows Yuki and Yutaka back to Rockport City*
Meiling: Why you!!!
Marisa: *Breaks in* Hiiiiyyyyyyyyyyaaa!!!!!!
Remiu: Stop, Marx! We know you are behind this!!!
Marx: Oh Great More people.
Akira: Group...REJOICE!!!!!

The final battle of them all, and maybe the most risky.....

Cirno & Marx: 9,999,999 HP vs (Meiling, Marisa, Remiu, Patchouli, Akira: 23,000,000 HP), (Minami: 15,000,000 HP)

*Cirno used Severe Blizzard!* *The Group lost 500,000 HP!*
*Marx used Hurricane!* *The Group lost 750,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Spark!* *Marx and Cirno lost 9,999 HP!*
*Remiu used Absorb!* *Stole Health from Cirno and Marx!* *Cirno and Marx lost 2000 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *Marx and Cirno lost 250,000 HP!*
*Akira used Fire Rage!* *Cirno lost 250,000 HP!* *Marx lost 5000 HP!*
*Patchy used Heat Wave!* *Cirno lost 5,000,000 HP!* *Marx lost 10,000 HP!*
*Minami used Flamethrower!* *Cirno lost 500,000 HP!* *Marx lost 5,000 HP!*
*Cirno used Ice Wave!* *The Group lost 100,000 HP!*
*Marx used Nukes!* *The Group lost 7,000,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Dragon Twister Rage!* *Marx lost 5,000,000 HP!* *Cirno lost 4,000,000 HP and fainted!*
*Akira used Vietnam Army!* *Marx lost 500,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Extreme Thunder!* *Marx lost 3,000,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Extreme Full Heal on the Group* *The whole Group is now back at full HP!*
*Patchy used Gravity!* *Marx fell to the floor and lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Minami slammed a very heavy piano on Marx* *Marx lost 5,000,000 HP and died!*

Meiling: That was close....
Akira: Yes, I know!!!
Marisa and Remiu: Yes well we better be going now bye!! *Disappears*
Minami: Lol.
Patchouli: Well I am going back to the library, see you all later. *Leaves*
Konata: Ok, Patchy! :3
Minami: I'm with Patchouli, so yes, see you all next time.
Konata and Meiling: Ok! *Salutes*
Akira: Heh, nice.
Meiling: well lets go see that Racing Event now.
Akira: Okay! *Finally! After all these years!* :'D
*Meiling, Akira, and Konata now go to the Racing Event*

In Palmont City......

Zombie Kagami: *Gets out from the Grave* Raaar! Fucking BMW! Damn baka!!! I will kill you Cirno!!!
Remilia: Hello, Kagami. I see you died, eh?
Zombie Kagami: Well yes, Cirno needs to die!!!
Remilia: You are not going anywhere, joker! *Destroys Kagami for good* You won't be back! Ever again! *Flies off and disappears*
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PostSubject: The Terrorside of Star Battles Special Segment   The Terrorside of Star Battles... EmptyThu Jul 30, 2009 12:34 am

In Palmont City, Canyonside.....

*Akira appears in her Subaru Legacy*
*Cirno appears in her Yellow Mazda RX-7*

Akira: I will beat your weakish challange!


Akira: *Slides through the 1st 5 corners with ease and linked together* Yesh!
Cirno: *Slides through the 1st 3 corners and hits a wall slightly* Damn it cut in 1/2.
Akira: *continues linking the whole course and doesn't stop powersliding* Yes! Yes!
Cirno: *Still does the same thing* Ah screw you.
Akira: *Passes through the finish line* I won!
Cirno: Passes through the finish line and comes in 2nd* Damn it........

In Newcastle....

*Akira starts driving from the Beginning from the bridge and goes forward*
Akira: Ah what a nice day.
Meiling: It is isn't it?
Akira: It is!
Meiling: Shit, barrier ahead, turn right.
Akira: Fuck. *Turns right*
Meiling: Hmm damn!
Akira: Another barrier?! *Turns right again, follows the road, sees another barrier, turns left, sees another barrier a few miles down, turns right*
Meiling: This is ridiculous!! DX
Akira: GRRRRRRRR SCREW THIS SHIT!!!!!!! *Drives back the way she took and appears on the bridge again*
Meiling: But there is barrier ahead.
Akira: Hang on....
Meiling: *Gulps*
Akira: *Drives straight forward to the wall*
Yuyuko Saigyouji: *Gets rid of the barrier in front of them*
*Akira and Meiling exit the city*

Yuyuko Saigyouji: I hate this city too, full off barriers!!! I must leave before the barriers trap me here *Disappears and goes back to Gensokyo*
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The Terrorside of Star Battles... Empty
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The Terrorside of Star Battles...
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