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 The Escape of Flandre Scarlet

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PostSubject: The Escape of Flandre Scarlet   Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:16 pm

it was a cold winter night at the Scarlet house. There was a blizzard going on outside little did the Scarlets know was that an evil force was coming for there unstable sister Flandre Scarlet.
(inside house)
Remilia:It's so cold here!!!! Sakuya can't you set up a fire in the fire place?!
Sakuya:Im sorry mistress but all the fire wood is gone i can't really do anything.
(outside of the house)
????:He he he soon sister Flandre will be free and we can finally be a family again.
(at the gate)
Hong Meiling:*yawns* god it's so tiring waiting here why does mistress make me wait here in the snow storm?
????:Maybe i will ask her that.
Hong Meiling:WHOS THERE?
Cirno:Relax it's just me.
Hong Meiling:Oh Chirno i thought you were someone else.
Cirno:Thats a little mean i was just wondering around because i like the cold. *pouts*
Hong Meiling:Seriously though why did you come here?
Cirno:Because i felt like taking a walk in this blizzard i just love snow.
????:hehehehe hoohoohoo so you like the cold huh then you will love this!!! *a blast of blue light hit Cirno in the chest freezing her in sold ice*
????:alright i will seeing as it will be the last thing you will ever see. *flys and lands infront of hong*
????:My name is Marx and i shall be the one to finish you off today.
Hong Meiling:How were you able to freeze her she uses ice abilities?
Marx:My secret and now you will die!!!! *Marx fires a barrage of arrows and they all hit Hong pinning her to a tree blood pouring out of her wounds she lost consciousness*
Marx:Now time to free my sister.
(inside the basement)
Flandre:Whats that noise?
*boom the door to the basement explodes*
Marx:Sister im here......
to be continued......
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Posts : 39
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PostSubject: Re: The Escape of Flandre Scarlet   Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:56 pm

Marx:Sister im here and i have come to take you home......
Marx:oh thats right you don't remember me after Remilia wiped your mind im your twin brother Marx Scarlet.
Flandre:B-b-brother.....but i only had a sister.
Marx:No Remilia wiped your mind so you wouldn't remember me i have come to take you back home. *opens eyes wide and stares into Flandre's eyes making her fall down unconscious*
Marx:*picks up Flandre* time to go back to Popstar. *screams and opens a portal* time to g....
Marx:What *turns around to see Remilia Scarlet, Sakuya Izayoi, and the rest of the Scarlet house including Hong and Cirno*
Remilia:Marx i should have known one day you would come for her.
Marx:Well i came to save her from you!!!
Remilia:your not doing anything but hurting the people of this house!
Marx:*sigh* fine you will not get in my way. *opens mouth and a huge beam of light shoots out before anyone could do anything Remilia's eyes go wide as she felt her left hip, left arm, and her left wing get burned severely by the blast*
Marx:serves you right you bitch....*flies into the portal while carrying Flandre and portal closes as soon as he enters it*
Remilia:GOD DAMN IT *punches the ground with her right hand* i failed...
Sakuya:who was that mistress? *Sakuya asked while helping Remilis up*
Remilia:That was Flandre's twin brother his name is Marx.
Marx:*exits portal carrying Flandre and puts her down on the ground* OK WAKE UP!!!!
Flandre:WAHHHHHH *slashes at Marx who uses his mirror ability to avoid it*
Flandre:Where are we?
Marx:Welcome home sister this is Popstar!
To be Continued......
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PostSubject: Re: The Escape of Flandre Scarlet   Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:05 pm

Marx:Yup this is where i went when we got separated at birth.
Marx:Yup! Ok lets go to my house.
(Scarlet House)
Sakuya:Flandre's twin brother.....
Remilia:Yes he is he was more unstable then Flandre so i took her away from him and made sure to wipe her memory clean of him but no one wiped his memory.
Patchouli:Why did you not tell us about him.
Remilia:I thought he was gone forever thats why i never said anything i guess i was wrong.
Hong:So he was more powerful then Flandre when they were born?
Remilia:yes it was so frightening now there about the same.
everyone except Remilia:WHAT!!!!!!!!
(Marx's house)
Marx:Welcome home sis. Do ya want something to drink or eat?
Marx:OK!!! *goes into kitchen comes out with a severed head on a plate and a glass of water*
Marx: EAT UP!!!!
*20 minutes later*
Flandre:That was DELICIOUS!!!
Marx:Glad you liked it always was a good cook i wonder have you ever cooked before sis?
Flandre:No....no one ever taught me how to cook.
Marx:WELL IM GANNA TEACH YOU!!! *stands up and cheers*
Marx:YES I AM!!!
*Marx takes Flandre into the kitchen and spent the day teaching his sister how to cook her "FOOD" as they called it but really it was some random villagers from the village near by*
(Scarlet house)
Remilia:We need to go to Popstar Marx said he was going there.
Sakuya:Mistress we don't even know how he opened the portal so it will be some time before we can get there.
Remilia:i know i know i just want to bring Flandre back.
Sakuya:Yes i know mistress.
To Be Continued
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PostSubject: Re: The Escape of Flandre Scarlet   

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The Escape of Flandre Scarlet
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