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 The Year 10K Problem Disaster

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Seiga Kaku
Seiga Kaku

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The Year 10K Problem Disaster Empty
PostSubject: The Year 10K Problem Disaster   The Year 10K Problem Disaster EmptyWed Jul 29, 2009 9:49 pm

Year 9999 CE, December 1st...
10,000 CE is just bond to come eventually....
But all the computers, back in 6666 CE, someone adjusted all the computers and even tweaked the future build computers so that when the year 10,000 CE is reached, the computers would blow up the Solar System. Time is running out, too....

In the European Union, in Switzerland...

Remiu: I can't beleive it's December already again!!!
Marisa: Not to mention that the world is very screwed over...
Minori Kushieda: So I see you need of some assistance?
Remiu: It would be good.
Minori Kushieda: Well you went to the right person because I can help with any problem, no matter what it is.
Remiu: Good good.
Marisa: Let's go to a restaurant, I am very hungry.
Minori Kushieda: Damn...well okay.
Remiu: I know a place we can eat, follow me.
*The 3 get in the Mazda CX-7, with Remiu driving*
Remiu: Where you you like to eat at?
Marisa: At the Pizza Burger HutKing.
Minori Kushieda: That's a good place to eat.
Remiu: Alright let's go there.
*Remiu drives to Pizza Burger HutKing and arrives there withen 30 minutes, and the 3 go inside*
Marisa: Wow, there is barely any people here.
Eirin: May I help you?
Remiu: Table for 3?
Eirin: Sorry, we are closed, but what would you like for on the go?
Remiu: A Double Wopper.
Marisa: A Triple Wopper for me!
Minori Kushieda: I take a Chocolate Pie and a Coca-Cola Zero.
Eirin: Okay then *Gets the stuf they said they wnated and gives it to them for free* Here you all go have a nice day.
Marisa: Thanks.
*The 3 take the stuff back to the car and they all eat there*

5 Hours later, in Gensokyo & Finland......
Hong Meiling: gee it sure is cold around here.
Cirno: Ah, Meiling, this coldness is what all true warriors strive for!
Hong Meiling: Oh haha very funny.
Cirno: Well, okay, except you then. <.<
Hong Meiling: Good.
Cirno Well I am going back to my land that I took over. *Goes to Republic of Cirno*
Hong Meiling: Whatever.

Back in Switzerland, In the European Union......

Minori Kushieda: That was delicious!
Marisa: Good, glad you ate.
Remiu: Oh you.
Marisa: What?
Remiu: Nothing. O:
Marisa: .......
Minori Kushieda: Wat.
Remiu: Well let's just go.
Patchouli: Hi you all, what are you up to!
Minori Kushieda: Nothing really.
Remiu: Bored.
Marisa: Figuring out nothing.
Patchouli: Well just remember that the computers need to be rid of before January 1st, 10,000 AD at Midnight.
Remiu and Marisa: Yes yes we know. <.<
Patchy: Good.

Meanwhile, in the People's Republic of China.....
Mao Zedong: Wow, the world feels colder then ever before now....
Wriggle Nightbug: No way, really?
Mao Zedong: No joke.
Wriggle Nightbug: well everyone knows that by now.
Mao Zedong: I'm surprised there is less then 100 countries in the world now.
Wriggle Nightbug: True, because Japan went and ruled some parts of Middle Aisa, including half of Russia [but now the Russia went back to communist ways and the USSR exists again. But this time it's just 1/2 of Old Russia Land]
Mao Zedong: Damn the world is going crazy taking over land. At least Mongolia still exists and well as the European Countries.
Wriggle Nightbug: Well yea, it seems the Japan Empire will expand soon and take over Africa, India, and South America; the countries get to keep their languages still by the way; and Japan Empire will be the largest empire one day, much larger than the British Empire that conquered alot of land long ago.
Mao Zedong: Wow.
Wriggle Nightbug: Tell me about it.

In Canada......

Komachi Onozuka: Damn it is very cold.
Fujiwara no Mokou: It's like that everywere.
Komachi: Yea you're right.
Fujiwara no Mokou: I just hope it stops soon.
Komachi: me too.....

Back in Switzerland, European Union.......

Marisa: Well let's start tracking down and destroy the computers tomorrow. I'm tired.
Remiu: Me too.
Minori Kushieda: I found a Small Hotel.
*The 3 enter an empty, clean hotel*
Marisa: Spooky....
Remiu: *Takes the key for the 1st room* Well let's go.
*The 3 goes to the #1 room and Remiu unlocks the door*
Remiu: Let's rest here.
Minori Kushieda: Okay.
*The 3 get in their own beads and sleeps*

Meanwhile, outside the Hotel....

Yuyuko Saigyouji: ..... ..... .... .... -_- They really should stop being so lazy... *vanishes for now*

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Seiga Kaku
Seiga Kaku

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The Year 10K Problem Disaster Empty
PostSubject: The Year 10K Problem Disaster, Segment 2   The Year 10K Problem Disaster EmptyThu Jul 30, 2009 12:13 am

In the Small Hotel, in Switzerland, European Union, December 2nd, 5:00 AM in the Morning......

Remiu: *Yawns*
Marisa: *Wakes up and whispers to self* (I'm hungry...) *Gets up slowly and leaves the room*
Minori Kushieda: *Wakes up too* *Whispers to Remiu* (Wake up, it's time....)
Remiu: (Okay, okay) *Yawns again and then gets up* Let's get ready.....where is Marisa?
Minori Kushieda: Damn I don't know.

Outside the Small Hotel, far into a forest....

Marisa: Who are you?
Advice Dog: Why I am one of the 9 Bosses that controls the computers, of course!!!
Marisa: Damn you!!!!

Advice Dog (300,000 HP) vs Marisa (299,000 HP)

*Advice Dog used advice: Watch out for falling rocks!* *Rocks fall from sky and hits Marisa!* *Marisa lost 1000 HP!*
*Marisa used Spark!* *Advice Dog lost 2000 HP!*
*Advice Dog used advice: Watch for attacking dangerous Lions!* *Marisa got attacked and bitten by Lions!* *Marisa lost 180,000 HP!*

Akira: Hey you Advice Dog!!!!! I'ma going to kill you too!!
Misao: Yea!!!

Advice Dog (298,000 HP!) vs Marisa (118,000 HP), Akira: (700,000 HP), Misao (500,000 HP)

*Advice Dog used Violent Dog Rage!* *Marisa, Akira, and Misao lost 100,000 HP!*
*Marisa used recover!* *She recovered back to full health!*
*Akira used Karate Chop!* *Advice Dog lost 5000 HP!*
*Misao used the 3 Second Rule!* *The Tornado arrives after 3 seconds, picks up lots of trees and throws it at Advice Dog!* *Advice Dog lost 50,000 HP!)
*Advice Dog used Advice: Watch for Acid Rain!* *Acid Rain falls and it burns their skin badly!* *The Group lost 200,000 HP!* *Advice Dog lost 100,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Spark!* *Advice Dog lost 10,000 HP!*
*Akira used Stun Gun!* *Advice Dog lost 30,000 HP!*
*Misao used Electric Gun!* *Advice Dog lost 90,000 HP and died!*

*Akira and Misao runs off to help others*

Marisa: That was close..... *walks back to the Small Hotel*

Back in the Small Hotel.....

Remiu: Where have you been?
Marisa: Well I was hungry then ran into a boss, Advice Dog, but he died now.
Minori Kushieda: That was 1 of the 9 bosses! At lest we got 1 down!
Remiu: Well good. Let's go and find the next 1.

*The 3 travel to Cuba*

In Cuba........

Marisa: Why are we here?
Remiu: To find the next boss, of course.
Marisa: Well where is he anyway?
Minori Kushieda: Let's just look around until we find it, ok?
Marisa: Ok.......
Remiu: This sure isn't easy.
Minori Kushieda: It never was in the 1st place.
Remiu: I know.
Minori Kushieda: I see something up above!
King Kong and Godzilla: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remiu: 2 bosses at once, awww naw!!!
Minami and Komachi: *Appears from out of nowhere* We can help!!!

King Kong (800,000 HP), Godzilla (1,000,000 HP) vs Marisa: 500,000 HP, Remiu 600,000 HP, Minami & Komachi (900,000 HP), Minori Kushieda (2,000,000 HP)

*King Kong used stomp!* *The Group lost 200,000 HP!*
*Godzilla used stomp!* *The Group lost 210,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Full Heal!* *Marisa is back at maximum health!*
*Remiu used Spell Card!* *The Spell Card summoned a extremely over powered hurricane!* *Godzilla and King Kong lost 50,000 HP!*
*Minami used Metal Claw!* *Godzilla and King Kong lost 30,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Red Orb!* *King Kong lost 500,000 HP!* *Godzilla lost 700,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used AK-74!* *King Kong and Godzilla lost 300,000 HP and they both died!*

Komachi: Get ready for the next boss! D:
*NEDM Cat appears*

NEDM Cat (1,900,000 HP) vs Marisa 700,000 HP, Remiu 900,000 HP, Minami & Komachi 1,111,000, Minori Kushieda 2,500,000

*NEDM used Cat off Doom!* *The Group lost 600,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Thundershock!* *NEDM Cat lost 9000 HP!*
*Remiu used Trap Card!* *A Strange Vortex sucked the NEDM Cat in and painfully hurt it!* *NEDM Cat lost 500,000 HP!*
*Minami threw a bucket of oil with fire burning!* *NEDM Cat lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Sword!* *NEDM Cat lost 40,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Color Bars!* *The Cat now had a programing problem, lost 1,000,000 HP, exploded and died!*

Marisa: There is way more than 9 bosses....
Remiu: Naw, you think?
Vince Offer: Hi Vince here with ShamWOW!
Marisa: I hate that dude!!!

Vince Offer 1,250,000 HP vs Marisa & Remiu: 1,000,000 HP), Minami & Komachi: 1,500,000 HP), Minori Kushieda 3,000,000 HP

*Vince Offer used Slap Chop!* *Marisa, Remiu, Minami, and Komachi got severely cut and lost 900,000 HP!* *Minori Kushieda avoided the attack!*
*Marisa used Thunderbolt!* *Vince Offer lost 10,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Twister!* *Vince Offer accidentally cut himself during the Twister!* *Vince Offer lost 240,00 HP!*
*Minami used Knifes!* *Vince Offer lost 100,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Wooden Boat Slam!* *Vince Offer lost 90,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Double Missile launcher!* *Vince offer lost 500,000 HP!*
*Vince Offer sends in the German Army!* *The Group lost 50,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Heal Orb and the group is back at full health!*
*Marisa used Thundershock!* *Vince offer lost 9000 HP!*
*Remiu used Trap Card!* *An 100 ton piano fell on Vince Offer and he lost 900,000 HP and died!*

Remiu: Here comes 6, 7, and the 8th boss! D:
Minami: Well I'm getting tired, see ya! *Runs off*
Marisa: Damn it! Where is Meiling though?
Meiling: I'll help fight now.

Stalin, Kim Il-Sung, Claude Speed (2,000,000 HP) vs (Marisa, Remiu, Meiling, & Komachi: 1,700,000 HP), Minori Kushieda: 3,500,000 HP
*Stalin used Russian Army!* *The Group lost 250,000 HP!*
*Kim Il-Sung used North Korean Army!* *The Group lost 500,000 HP!*
*Claude Speed used Baseball Bat!* *The group [except Minori Kushieda] lost 500 HP!*
*Marisa used Knock-Out Punch!* *Stalin lost 2,000,000 HP and died!*
*Remiu used Hijack!* *Kim Il-Sung lost his abilities!*
*Meiling used Roundhouse kick!* *Kim Il-Sung and Claude Speed lost 500,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Severe Chocking Fog!* *Kim Il-Sung and Claude Speed both lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Speed Punch!* *Kim Il-Sung and Claude Speed lost 700,000 HP and died!*

Marisa: Any more!?!?
Remiu: I hope not!
Meiling: There is the 9, 10, 11, and 12!!! DX
Remiu: *Heals everyone to full health* Get ready now....

Mega Goomba, The Joker, John McCain, & Robot Vince Offer (2,500,000 HP) vs (Marisa, Remiu, Meiling, & Komachi: 2,900,000), Minori Kushieda: 4,000,000 HP

*Mega Goomba used nothing!*
*The Joker used Evil Laugh!* *His attack went up!*
*John McCain used Politics!* *The Group lost 100,000 HP!*
*Robot Vince Offer chokes Marisa and Remiu with ShamWOW very tight, and lets go!* *Remiu and Marisa lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Thunder!* *Mega Goomba lost 2,500,000 HP and died!* *The Joker, John McCain lost 500,000 HP!* *Robot Vince Offer absorbed the attack and attack went high up!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *John McCain lost 3,000,000 HP and died!* *The Joker lost 300,000 HP!* *Robot Vince Offer lost 200,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Rain and Hail!* *The Joker lost 50,000 HP!* *Robot Vince Offer got electrical problems, lost 23,000,000 HP and exploded!*
*Minori Kushieda sent out Batman!* *Batman kicked the shit out of The Joker, The Joker lost 10,000,000 HP and died!*

Komachi & Meiling: Well time for us to get out of here well bye now we need a rest! *Vanishes and goes back home*
Remiu: Yes, let's go elsewhere.
Marisa: I agree.

*Remiu, Marisa, and Minori Kushieda travel to Ghost Islands*

In Ghost Islands.......

Remiu: Well we are here.
Zombie Kagami: Ugh....Remilia...where the hell is she....
Marisa: Who are y-wait..Kagami!?!?! I remember you I fought you 1 time..
Remiu: Well it seems Cirno killed her and she came back as a zombie. Shit.
Minori Kushieda: Let's destroy her once and for all before it gets worse.
Marisa: I agree!

Zombie Kagami 4,000,000 HP vs Marisa 3,000,000 HP), Remiu 3,400,000 HP), Minori Kushieda 4,500,000 HP)
*Zombie Kagami threw Steel Bones!* *Marisa and Remiu lost 300,000 HP!* *Minori Kushieda avoided the attack!*
*Marisa threw a Heavyweight Steamroller!* *Zombie Kagami lost 3,900,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Kick!* *Zombie Kagami lost 50,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Harsh Fumes!* *Zombie Kagami lost 50,000 HP and crumbled to dust!*

Minori Kushieda: Yay we won!
Marisa: Only 2 more bosses!
Remiu: I'm tired, is there some place to stay?
Yuyuko Saigyouji: *Appears out of nowhere* There is a House that's nice and clean in front of you. You all can stay there.
Marisa: Why thanks.

*Marisa, Yuyuko, Remiu, Minori goes in the house and sleeps there for a few nights*
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Seiga Kaku
Seiga Kaku

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The Year 10K Problem Disaster Empty
PostSubject: The Year 10K Problem Disaster Segment 3   The Year 10K Problem Disaster EmptySat Aug 01, 2009 3:28 pm

In Mongolia....

Keine Kamishirasawa: Ok! Any questions?
Youki Konpaku: KhĂ´ng! (No!)
?????: I do, I am here to destroy you both and fast forward time!!!! *Kills Youki and fast forwards time to December 29th, 9999 AD*

In Taiwan, now December 29th, 9999 AD......

Youmu Konpaku: 29th? Oh dear....
Cirno: Eye know, isn't it wonderful!
Youmu Konpaku: No it isn't, you useless.
Cirno: No U Are Useless.
Youmu Konpaku: ......
Cirno: *Goes back to Greenland*
Youmu Konpaku: Dumkopff.
Wriggle Nightbug: I agree.
Youmu Konpaku: *Goes back to her own country*
Wriggle Nightbug: *Does the same*

In New Zeland....

Fujiwara no Mokou: Something is very fishy around here.
Sunny Milk: As long as there is Sunlight, nothing happens.
Fujiwara no Mokou: .......

In New Olympia......

Kenji: There is alot of Racing Events going on here. And already 29th? Well well....
Taz: Don't worry about it. Even though it's 2 days away from the doomsday, at least we can enjoy Racing without no cops around here. Though, it's really the computers that causes it. Even if there is 1 computer in the world, it will still have the power to at least destroy Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.
Kenji: True, true.

In Youmu Territory....

Youmu Konpaku: Ah, my nice, peaceful country. No trespassers, no nothing.
Medicine Melancholy: Agreed. Say, who is the one that fast forwarded time?
Youmu Konpaku: I don't know.

In Canada......

Suigintou: Hey, what are we doing here?
Barasuishou: Damn teleporters.
Kirakishou: Well we are sorta stuck here.
Suwako Moriya: Aha! You!
Suigintou: Who, us?
Suwako Moriya: Yes you 3! What are you doing here?
Barasuishou: Well we ended up in Canada by the corrupt teleporter. If the teleporter didn't corrupt we 3 would be in Moscow.
Suwako Moriya: Moscow doesn't exist no more. And your teleporter got corrupt because of the fast forwarded time that was caused by someone.
Kirakishou: So.....we are stuck here?
Suwako Moriya: Pretty much. All you can do is wait here until someone destroys all the computers in the world and once that's done, your teleporter should be fine.

In Chile....

Minami: Damn, all the rain forests are gone!
Misao: You don't say...
Minami: Well the world is corrupt so it's now a bit glitched up. -_-
Misao: I know how you feel. *Goes to Brazil*

In Brazil......

Misao: Nothing is here anymore?????? Well, Rio De Janero is the only city here? Dang! Well hopefully everything will be restored when the computers are gone. Bah, oh well.

In Republic of Patchouli.....

Miss Knowledge: olo I have my own land full of libraries!! Books are better and can't do anything!
*A book fast forwards time by 1 minute*
Miss Knowledge: Damn you! *Burns the book that fast forwarded time*

In Seaside of Nightbug Territory....

Akira: Oh I hate to be beside the seaside.
Cirno: Really?
Akira: Really.
Cirno: You sure?
Akira: I am sure!
Cirno: O rly?
Akira: Yes, really.
Cirno: Honest?
Akira: Honest damn it!
Cirno: 100% Sure you are?
Akira: Yes I am damn fucking sure of it!!! Now shut up!!! *Kicks Cirno back to Greenland*
Cirno: I'm kicked out of here agai-*can't be heard*
Akira: Baka.
Wriggle Nightbug: Indeed she is, Cirno can never learn her lesson. So much for the "smartest"
Akira: She never was smart anyway.
Wriggle Nightbug: That is truth right there.
Akira: Heh, I was just damn kidding. I like the Seaside to be honest.
Wriggle Nightbug: I know.

In the Japan Empire.....

Meiling: Wow, the New Largest Country.
Sikieiki Yamaxanadu: Quite really. It took 5 World Wars for Japan to gain Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan... what the hell.
Meiling: Well at least Russian and other languages that uses the Russian Alphabet still exists.
Sikieiki Yamaxanadu: True, true. This world is messed up. But now it is peaceful......except the computers.
Meiling: It will be taken care of soon enough, I guarantee it!
Sikieiki Yamaxanadu: Lets hope so....
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Seiga Kaku
Seiga Kaku

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The Year 10K Problem Disaster Empty
PostSubject: The Year 10K Problem Disaster Segment 4   The Year 10K Problem Disaster EmptySat Aug 01, 2009 4:07 pm

In Iceland......

Marisa: Well, we are here. Where is the next boss?
Remiu: I do not know.
Minori Kushieda: There. *Points to the sky*
Marisa: You got to be kidding me....
Evil Remiu: Hehehe, it is I....
Remiu: An evil me???? How is it possible????
Marisa: Like Link has Dark Link. Don't ask how it's possible....
Evil Remiu: I came to stop you from the destruction of the Solar System. It ends now!!!

Evil Remiu: 45,000,000 HP vs (Marisa, Remiu: 4,000,000 HP), (Komachi, Youmu, Meiling: 5,000,000 HP), (Minori Kushieda: 50,000,000 HP)
*Evil Remiu used Dark Side of Nature!* *The Group lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Thunder!* *Evil Remiu lost 10,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Trap Card!* *It had no effect.....*
*Komachi used Cut!* *Evil Remiu lost 1000 HP!*
*Youmu used Sword Cannon!* *Evil Remiu lost 200,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *Evil Remiu recovered 100,000 HP!*
Meiling: What the hell!!!
Evil Remiu: You almost showed me the secret book! Damn it give it to me!
Meiling: Never!!
*Meiling used Dragon Rage!* *Evil Remiu lost 300,000 HP!*
Evil Remiu: Fine have it your way!
*Minori Kushieda used Nuclear Missile!* *Evil Remiu lost 5,000,000 HP!*
*Evil Remiu used Extreme Tornado!* *The Group lost 10,000,000 HP!* *Alll but Minori Kushieda fainted!*
Minori Kushieda: What?!!?
Evil Remiu: I am too powerful!
Minori Kushieda: Damn you and your powerful attacks!
Evil Remiu: As an added bonus, no one is able to revive them after I get defeated!
Minori Kushieda: That's no fair!!!
Evil Remiu: Just try!
Minori Kushieda: You are really starting to get on my nerves...
Wriggle Nightbug, Miss Knowledge, Suwako: Don't worry, we will help destroy her.
Minori Kushieda: Thanks so very much.
Evil Remiu: Heh, go ahead, I can get rid of more enemies while I'm still here!

Evil Remiu: 39,789,000 HP vs (Suwako, Nightbug, Patchy: 20,000,000 HP), (Minori Kushieda: 39,000,000 HP)

*Suwako used Overgrow!**Her defense, attack rose greatly!*
*Nightbug used Dragonflys!* *Evil Remiu lost 9,000 HP!*
*Patchy used Psychic!* *Evil Remiu lost 9,780,000 HP!*
Evil Remiu: I hate Psychics! They are my weakness!
Patchy Knowledge: Ha! I knew it!
*Minori Kushieda used Euro!* *She healed herself back to full health!*
*Evil Remiu used Satan Flames!* *Suwako and Nightbug lost 30,000,000 HP and fainted!* *Patchy lost 10,000,000 HP!* *Minori Kushieda barely dodged the attack!*
Evil Remiu: I can not be stopped! be gone now!!!
Patchy: Never!
*Patch used Extreme Psychic!* *Evil Remiu lost 29,000,000 HP!*
Evil Remiu: Noooooo it burns badly! I ate you all!!!!!!!!!
*Minori Kushieda used Missiles!* *Evil Remiu lost 500,000 HP!*
*Evil Remiu used Search and Destroy!* *Patchy lost 10,000,000 HP and fainted!**Minori Kushieda lost 100,000 HP!*
Minori Kushieda: Too bad, so sad.
Evil Remiu: Damn you!!! Why won't you be gone!
*Minori Kushieda used Missiles!* *Evil Remiu lost 500,000 HP, and fainted!*
Minori Kushieda: That was close....
Yuyuko: *Appears out of nowhere* Wow, this battle was rough.
Minori Kushieda: Why yes it was. And alot of people fainted.
Yuyuko: I'll take care of that. *Revives everyone*
Nightbug: Damn, what a difficult battle!
Patchy: I know! I'm out of here! *Goes back to her own country*
Nightbug: *Does the same*
Youmu: *Also does the same*
Marisa: It's over!!! Finally!!!
Meiling: Yes it is. Now I must go back to my homeland. Good luck with the final boss. *Goes back to People's Republic of China*
Suwako: Must go back to Canada! *Does just that: Goes back to Canada*
Minori Kushieda: People are leaving?
Komachi: Why yes, gues we 5 are the only ones here to take care of the final boss.
Yuyuko: Not me, I stay behind and revive anyone that faints. If I am able to. Evil Remiu wouldn't let me revive anyone. Curse her powers. At least she's gone.
Remiu: Well that's good! She better not come back!
Marisa: Yea, the Evil Side of you almost made lost the battle.
Remiu: Yes.....indeed......
Komachi: I think I know where the final boss is.
Marisa: Where?
Komachi: Just follow me.
Remiu: Did anyone notice that today is the 30th?
Komachi: Damn! Better hurry fast!
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Seiga Kaku
Seiga Kaku

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The Year 10K Problem Disaster Empty
PostSubject: The Year 10K Problem Disaster Segment 5   The Year 10K Problem Disaster EmptySun Aug 02, 2009 12:23 am

On Highway 575, the longest Highway in the world.....

Minori Kushieda: How long does it take?
Komachi: It will take a few hours. In the mean time, just relax.
Marisa: Well she's right. *Drinks some Pepsi* Anyone want a Pepsi?
Remiu: No thanks. Not thirsty.
Marisa: Well ok, if you say so.
Komachi: *Still drives*
Minori Kushieda: *Sits back and relaxes, and rests a bit*
Marisa: I'm bored......
Remiu: I got an idea.
Marisa: What??
Remiu: How about.......oh never mind.
Marisa: Ok?
Remiu: That's fine.
Marisa: What's fine.
Remiu: You saying ok.
Marisa: Why is that fine?
Remiu: Because I said so.
Marisa: .............
Komachi: ....Oh Remiu you make no seance at all, silly.
Remiu: ............
Marisa: Heh, owned.
Komachi: Well technically....yes.
Marisa: I know.
Komachi: Correct.
Remiu: No u.
Komachi: Yay I am correct thanks!
Remiu: *Facepalm*
Marisa: Owned again.
Komachi: As usual.
Remiu: Damn.
Komachi: Ah we almost here, the Scarlet Territory. And damn does it look like it's only night time here.
Remiu: O_O Wow.
Minori Kushieda: *Wakes up* We here?
Komachi: Yes, we are here!
*The 4 gets out of the car*
Scarlet Territory.....
Minori Kushieda: Wow the dark sky full of dark red clouds.
Komachi: And raining blood too.
Marisa: Raining blood? How was that possible?
Komachi: Don't ask me, it just is!
Remiu: Ah, blood? I like it....but scary.
Marisa: No shit Sherlock.
Minori Kushieda: Guess they killed alot of people.
Marisa: What does it look like to you?
Komachi: Well I already notified the others. They will randomly appear in the battles if we need help or like what happened when we fought Evil Remiu.
Remiu: Oh yea that jerk.
Marisa: Exactly!
Minori Kushieda: She was hard to beat though.
Komachi: If you think that was hard to beat just wait until we approach the final boss. It won't be easy.
Minori Kushieda: Well ok then.
Marisa: So what do we do now?
Remiu: Wait until an enemy or boss appears.
Marisa: Ok.
Komachi: Seems like no one is coming.
Minori Kushieda: *Hears flying sound* Wait, there is 1 arriving.
Remiu: Yea I feel it too.
Marisa: It must be.....
Remiu: The baka!
Komachi: Cirno!!!
Cirno: *Flies down from the sky* Sup beetches, Cirno here talkin about the Raining Blood. Eye ain't talkin about no thunder. The thunder.....shit.
Marisa: Oh ha-ha very funny.
Cirno: Eye aint trying to fight with no sound. The thunder keeps banging all the time; Eye mean who want's that? And spell traps, with the little spell, and the little attack it contains. That ain't a real attack. Eye rather freeze things like Freeze freeze. And you say how the Spell Card isn't copying anything and how Eye'm copying everything. That's bullshit.
Remiu: ......
Cirno: And then eye got these Weapons people who keep using Guns and shit. Guns, fire arms. What trying to fire your arms? eye'm trying to freeze things, not fire your arms come on.
Minori Kushieda: .........
Cirno: Marisa? More like Morse code. Remiu? More like Ram you. Minori? More like Fort Minor. Komachi? More like Kimchi! Hahahahahhhahahaahahahaha....!!! Eye be ballin' while you 4 just are plain fail.
Remiu, Marisa, Minori Kushieda, Komachi: You have gone too far.....

Cirno: 99,000,000 HP vs (Marisa, Remiu: 67,000,000 HP), (Komachi: 72,000,000 HP), (Minori Kushieda: 120,000,000 HP)
*Cirno used Blizzard!* *The group lost 500,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Thunder!* *Cirno lost 250,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Trap Card!* *The Trap Card sent Fire and Flames!* *Cirno lost 12,000,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Sword Throw!* *Cirno lost 2,000,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Flamethrower!* *Cirno lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Cirno used Blizzard!* *The group lost 500,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Spark!* *Cirno lost 10,000 HP! and got Paralyzed!*
*Remiu used Fire bomb!* *Cirno lost 13,000,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Sword Stab!* *Cirno lost 3,000,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda threw Fire in a bottle!* *Cirno lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Cirno used Freezing Point!* *Cirno gained 260,000 HP back!*
*Marisa used Thunderslam!* *Cirno lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Tornado of Flames!* *Cirno lost 45,000,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Swords Dance!* *Her attack greatly rose!*
*Minori Kushieda used Hi-Jump Kick!* *Cirno lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Cirno used Ice Twister!* *The group lost 900,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Thundershock!* *Cirno lost 500,000 HP and can't move on her next attack!*
*Remiu used Burn!* *Cirno lost 10,000,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Sword Throw!* *Cirno lost 12,000,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Punch!* *Cirno lost 500,000 HP!*
*Cirno can't move!*
*Marisa used Spark!* *Cirno lost 500,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Fire Punch!* *Cirno lost 700,000 HP and fainted!*

Cirno: You fool!!!! You defeated me!!! Eye'm still be ballin' REJOICE!!!!
Remilia: Yes Cirno!
Robot Kim-Il Sung [Waterproof]: *Ready to fight*
Cirno: Now! *Evolves*
Advent Cirno: Now eye'm stronger and still be ballin' unlike ya'll!
Remiu: I hate you.
Marisa: Now what....
Youmu: Here to help.
Meiling: Me too!
Komachi: Good!

Advent Cirno: 100,000,000 HP, Remilia: 110,000,000 HP, Robot Kim Il-Sung: 130,000,000 HP vs (Remiu, Marisa, Komachi, Meiling, Youmu: 120,000,000 HP), (Minori Kushieda: 200,000,000 HP)
*Advent Cirno used Ice Sword!* *The Group lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Remilia used Bite!* *The Group lost 2,000,000 HP!*
*Robot Kim-Il Sung used North Korean Army!* *The Group lost 5,000,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Spark!* *Cirno lost 500,000 HP!* *Remilia lost 1,000,000 HP!* *Robot Kim-Il Sung lost 2,000,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Spell Card!* *She used Extreme Fire and Flames!* *Advent Cirno, Remilia lost 50,000,000 HP!* *Robot Kim-Il Sung wasn't affected....*
*Komachi used Swords Dance!* *Her attack greatly rose!*
*Youmu used Ghost of Swords!* *Advent Cirno lost 500,000 HP!* *Remilia lost 200,000 HP!* *Robot Kim-Il Sung wasn't affected....*
*Meiling used Chinese Dragon!* *Advent Cirno lost 500,000 HP!* *Remilia lost 1,000,000 HP!* *Robot Kim-Il Sung wasn't affected....*
*Minori Kushieda used Kung Fu Extreme!* *Advent Cirno, Remila lost 100,000 HP!* *Robot Kim-Il Sung lost 400,000 HP!*
*Advent Cirno used Blizzard Sword Storm!* *The Group lost 42,000,000 HP!*
*Remilia used Slash!* *The Group lost 2,000,000 HP!*
*Robot Kim-Il Sung used Missiles!* *The Group avoided the attack!*
*Marisa used Thunder!* *Advent Cirno lost 2,000,000 HP!* *Remilia lost 3,000,000 HP!* *Robot Kim-Il Sung lost 100,000,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Heal Card!* *The group was healed back to full health!*
*Komachi used Cannon Swords!* *Advent Cirno lost 123,000,000 HP and fainted!* *Remilia lost 100,000,000 HP and fainted!* *Robot Kim-Il Sung got an extra 100,000,000 HP from the attack!*
*Youmu used Thunder Sword!* *Robot Kim Il-Sung lost 50,000,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Dragons Dance!* *Her defense and attack greatly rose!*
*Minori Kushieda used Stun Gun!* *Robot Kim-Il Sung lost 100,000,000 HP and is destroyed!*

Remiu: Stand back!
Remilia: Glitch....glitch......glitch..*starts glowing*
Advent Cirno: Shit!!! That Glitch really did took over her mind. Damn you!
Marisa: Glitch huh.
Youmu: This isn't good.....
Advent Cirno: No shit! Well I'm out of here! *Runs away*
Komachi: What a scary cat.
Youmu: Yea....
*Remila turns into The Glitch Monster*
Youmu, Komachi, Remiu, Marisa, Meiling: Oh..............shit.

Glitch Monster: 500,000,000 HP vs (Remiu, Marisa, Youmu, Meiling, Komachi: 700,000,000 HP), (Minori Kushieda: 17,000,000,000 HP)

*Glitch Monster used Stomp!* *The Group lost 50,000,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Spell Card!* *It had no effect anyway.....*
*Marisa used Spark!* *Glitch Monster lost 1HP!*
*Youmu used Swords Dance!* *Her attack and defense greatly rose!*
*Meiling used Dragon Rage!* *Glitch Monster lost 999,990 HP!*
*Komachi used Shield!* *Her defense greatly rose!*
*Minori Kushieda used AK-47!* *Glitch Monster lost 600,000 HP!*
*Glitch Monster used Stomp!* *Remiu, Marisa lost 50,000,000HP!* *Youmu, Komachi, Meiling lost 10,000,000 HP!* *Minori Kushieda avoided the attack!*
*Remiu used Firestorm!* *Glitch Monster lost 2,000,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Thunder!* *Glitch Monster lost 400,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Democracy!* *Glitch Monster lost 200,000,000 HP!*
*Youmu used Sword Shield!* *Her defence and attack greatly rose!*
*Komachi used Sword Throw!* *Glitch Monster lost 2,000,000 HP!*


Remiu: i got a bad feeling about this. D:
Marisa: get more back up!
Suwako: Well I am here now.
Patchy: Let's take care of this Monster altogether now!

Super Glitch Monster (SGM) 100,000,000,000 HP vs (Remiu, Suwako, Marisa, Komachi, Youmu, Patchy, Meiling: 120,000,000,000 HP), (Minori Kushieda: 999,000,000,000 HP)

*SGM used Corrupt!* *The Group lost 564,329,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Spell Card!* *No effect.....*
*Suwako used Seed Cannon!* *SGM lost 20,000 HP!*
*Patchy used Psychic!* *SGM lost 250,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Thunder and Lightning!* *SGM lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Anti-Glitch Sword!* *SGM lost 500,000,000 HP!*
*Youmu used Ghost Sword!* *SGM lost 345,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Dragon Rage!* *SGM lost 765,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Nuclear Missile!* *SGM lost 2,000,000 HP!*
*SGM used Corrupt!* *The Group lost 999,999,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Flames!* *SGM lost 200,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Thunderbolt!* *SGM lost 453,000 HP!*
*Suwako threw giant trees!* *SGM lost 543,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Sword Stab!* *SGM lost 120,000 HP!*
*Youmu used Ghost Punch!* *SGM lost 129,000 HP!*
*Patchy used Psywave!* *SGM lost 324,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Dragon Rage!* *SGM lost 875,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Outrage!* *SGM lost 100 HP!*
*SGM used Stomp!* *The Group [Except Minori Kushieda] lost 23,000,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Fireball!* *SGM lost 123,000 HP!*
*Marisa used Fly Rage!* *SGM lost 329,000 HP!*
*Suwako used Three Tree Throw!* *SGM lost 299,000 HP!*
*Komachi used Power Sword!* *Her attack Extremely rose greatly!*
*Youmu used Swords Dance!* *Her attack greatly rose!*
*Patchy used Mind Think!* *Her Psychic attacks rose greatly!*
*Meiling used Dragon Fly!* *SGM lost 123,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Outrage X2!* *SGM lost 1000 HP!*
*SGM used Za Corrupt!* *The Group lost 12,000,000,000 HP!*
*Remiu used Heal Card!* *The Group was healed back to full health!*
*Marisa used Thunder Punch!* *SGM lost 234,000 HP!*
*Suwako, Komachi, and Youmu used Tree Ghost Swords!* *SGM lost 9,567,000 HP!*
*Patchy used Extreme Psychic!* *SGM lost 12,000,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Outrage X3!* *SGM lost 10,000 HP!*
*SGM used Quicktime!* *The Group [Except Minori Kushieda] Can't do anything for 3 turns!*
*Minori Kushieda used Outrage X4!* *SGM lost 100,000 HP!*
*SGM used Corrupt!* *Minori Kushieda lost 12,000,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda used Outrage X5!* *SGm lost 1,000,000 HP!*
*SGM used fast forward!* *The Group [Except Minori] Can't move for another 2 turns!* *SGM is back at full health!*
*Minori Kushieda used Outrage X7!* *SGM lost 100,000,000 HP!* *Minori got confused!*
*SGM used Slam!* *Attacked missed!*
*Minori Kushieda is confused!* *She used Nuclear Missile!* *SGM lost 100,000,000 HP!*
*SGM used Rain!* *It started to rain heavy!* *The Group can attack now!* *SGM is back at full health!*
*Remiu used Rings of Fire and Death!* *SGM lost 50,000,000,000 HP!*
*Marisa used BulletBroom!* *SGM lost 500,000,000 HP!*
*Suwako threw Frogs!* *No effect....*
*Komachi, Youmu used Musketeers!* *SGM lost 10,000,000,000 HP!*
*Meiling used Chinese Dragon!* *SGM lost 345,000 HP!*
*Patchy used Psychic!* *SGM lost 436,483,000 HP!*
*Minori Kushieda is confused!* *She can't attack right this turn!*
*SGM used Extreme Force!* *The Group lost 300,000,000,000 HP!* *The Group Fainted except for Minori* *SGM is back at full health once again!*
*Minori Kushieda snapped out of confusion!*

Wriggle Nightbug: Damn it everyone fainted!!
Minori Kushieda: Not me.
Wriggle Nightbug: That's because you have higher HP than everyone else.
Minori Kushieda: I always do. I'm been fighting for years way before I came here.
Wriggle Nightbug: Well guess I will help fight.
Minori Kushieda: Need a very powerful person to take the Glitch Monster's HP down before it can heal itself.
Wriggle Nightbug: Damn it........
Sikieiki: Maybe I can send someone?
Minori Kushieda: Who?
Sikieiki: YuugenMagan.
Wriggle Nightbug: But it's too overpowered and may cue massive problems. I don't want to experience a Paradox.
Sikieiki: Don't worry, I tweaked it so it won't do that. Guaranteed or your money back....if we are still here.
Wriggle Nightbug: Fine.
Sikieiki: Hey Yuyuko, revived everyone yet?
Yuyuko: *Revives everyone* Now I did!
Sikieiki: Good; You, Suwako, Patchy, Youmu, come with me and Nightbug. We are about to unleash something far more worse and powerful than him. You 4 go back to the European Union for now.
Yuyuko, Suwako, Patchy, Youmu: Got it. *Goes back to the European Union*
Wriggle Nightbug: Should I go with them?
Sikieiki: *Grabs Nightbug* Off to European Union we go! *Her and Nightbug runs to the European Union*
Remiu: Hey! What about us!
Marisa: Guess we stay here.
Komachi: We better step far away from the monster because once the 6 people that left reach the European Union, they will release YuugenMagan who shall destroy the Glitch with ease.
Minori Kushieda: Shoot.
Marisa: *Grabs Remiu, Komachi, and Minori and runs out of the Mansion* *Throws them in the Mazda CX-7* *Gets in the Mazda* So we sit here.
Komachi: Now what I wanted to do but good enough.

In European Union.....
Suwako: Release the YuugenMagan!
YuugenMagan: ROOOOOOOOOOOARRRRRR *Flies to the Scarlet Territory*
Wriggle Nightbug: Well let's take a rest and hope it works.
Patchy: Good idea.

Back in Scarlet Territory.....


Remiu: I just hope Remilia will be ok.
Komachi: Don't worry, she will....I hope.
Marisa: Here they are! >.<

SGM: 500,000,000,000 HP vs YuugenMagan: 500,000,000,000 HP
*SGM used Kick!* *YuugenMagan lost 154,000 HP!*
*YuugenMagan disabled SGM's healing!*
*SGM used Kick!* *YuugenMagan lost 200,000 HP!*
*YuugenMagan used Explosion!* *YuugenMagan fainted, turned back into a box!* *SGM lost 1,000,000,000,000,000 HP and died!*

Super Glitch Monster: Agh.....*Flashes and turns back to Remilia*

Remiu: Damn it worked.
Marisa: Let's get out of here before Remilia wakes up and we have to fight her again.
*All the World's Computers gets destoyed and are gone forever*
Komachi: Yes! Now we are saved!
*Time Reads January 1st, 12:00AM, 10,000 CE*
Komachi: We are saved!
Remiu: Yes! Yesh!
Minori Kushieda: Awesome!!! Let's go home!
*The 4 drive back to Switzerland in the European Union*

Advent Cirno: Damn.......amazing...you get all the money by defeating monsters and getting rid of computers. *Smiles*
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The Year 10K Problem Disaster
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