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 Rise of Zero Lamprogue

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PostSubject: Rise of Zero Lamprogue   Rise of Zero Lamprogue EmptyFri Sep 11, 2009 9:00 am

Narrator:Past has been brutal for this soul he was defeated by many people one of them was a Shinigami named Zaraki Kenpachi.
He fought in wars along side the Gods of War. But now he set his sights on Gensokyo why is he here and what purpose does he have?

*Location:Scarlet Devil Mansion*

Remila:Sakuya where are you!!!
Sakuya:Im right next to you mistress
Remilia:oh wait what?
Patchuli:Whats with all this noise?!
Meiling:Someone call for me? =3
*Remila, Sakuya, and Patchy stare at her*

*Location:Door step of mansion*

???:Heh this will be fun time to fight the Vampire Princess *grins evilly*
*??? sneaks into the mansion and opens the basement door*
???:looks like it's time for the real fun to begin *runs down the stairs leaving door open*
Flandre:*turns around* Who are you are you here to play with me?
???:Yes i am *grins evilly again* my name is Zero Lamprogue and im here to break you!!!
Flandre:YAY PLAY TIME!!!!

(Play this )

*Flandre and Zero charged at each other Zero Flash stepped behind Flan only for him to revive a claw to the chest. Flandre fired a barrage of spells at Zero while laughing insanely Zero deflected all the spells and threw his arms forward and exclaimed"KAME................HAME...................................HA!!!!!!!!!!!"A beam of black energy shot out of his hands and hit Flandre sending her flying back into the wall "THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!" Flandre cries out she flash steppes above Zero and smashed her claw into his left shoulder nearly slicing off the arm. Zero Forms a orb of lightning in his hands "RAIKIRI!!!!"he yells out and smashes one of the orbs into Flandre's stomach and the other into her neck blood splatters every where and Zero Grins evilly. Flandre then grabs his arms and breaks the bones shattering them with her strength "HEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHA!!!" She laughs out with blood lust in her voice. Zero grunts in pain and falls to the ground and decides to callout his trump card "GRAN REY CERO!!!" He opens his mouth and a huge beam of green light shot out hitting Flandre sending her into the basement door blowing it open. Zero Flash Steps next to Flandre only to get his gut sliced open by one of her claws. "AHHHGGGG!!!"Zero cries out and he falls to his knees. "Looks like i win!!!"Flandre says insanely now then die she yells out lifting up her right hand and sends it down to finish off Zero only for her to get stopped*

(end of fight)

Flandre:Big Sis get let go of me!!!!.She says with a demonic voice that scared Remilia
Zero:Heh heh looks like i lost three losses and im done heh heh
Remilia:Wait who is this guy?! oh Flan did you KIDNAP SOMEONE!!!
Flandre:*punches Remilia in the gut making her cough up blood* No.....HE ATTACK ME WE PLAYED AND ME WAS ABOUT TO BREAK HIM!!!
Remilia:*gah* *faints*
*Sakuya arrives to the area and goes wide eyed seeing Flandre standing over a unconscious Remilia and and Guy who was on his knees*
Flandre:Hello Sakuya~
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Rise of Zero Lamprogue
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