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PostSubject: Forum rules   Forum rules EmptyWed Sep 16, 2009 8:46 am

Each rule is categorized depending on the severity of the rule.
The higher the category, the larger the punishment.
Violation of Category 1 rules is normally just a warning or a "nudge" to keep things in order.
Category 2 rules are a bit more severe and can be a warning or temporary ban.
Category 3 rules are getting really severe and can mean a temporary to permanent ban.
Category 4 rules are the most severe that can result in a permanent / ip ban.

Category 1
1. Spam threads.
-The result is deletion and a nudge. We try our best to keep this forum free of spam which is why we have a spam section.
2. Profanity.
-We know how difficult it is to keep profane language to yourself, but keep it down.
3. Annoyances (Cat 1 and 2)
-Please don't intentionally annoy a person. If this persists, the level of the offense increases and isn't just a slight nudge.
4. Posting questions in other topics.
-This only really goes for those changing the subject of a topic while it's still on topic to find assistance for your problem. ONLY if you're not the topic creator.
5. [Fan Fiction] No sucky stories.
-This goes with spam and normally is just a nudge.

Category 2
1. Flaming
-Nobody likes to be yelled at because of something they did.
2. Vulgar Language
-Using sexually explicit language is a big problem. This is an all age forum.
3. Stealing Ideas
-A.K.A. Plagiarism, which is illegal and you could even be fined for it. Always give credits to the original writer if different from you.
4. False Identity.
-If you are saying you're an admin or mod this may result in a ban and normally goes with verbal intimidation (cat 3)
5. Disrespect.
-I hate disrespect. So do you.

Category 3
1. Failure to comply.
-Not listening to an admin or mod's instructions will result normally in a temporary ban.
2. Verbal Intimidation
-This is illegal and will not be tolerated. (Another word is threat)
3. Warez
-Definitely illegal. This is not a warez forum. We will not say anything related to giving away warez except that it's bad.
4. Harassment
-Any kind of harassment above something from just "shut up" or something as severe as that will not be tolerated.

Category 4
1. Stealing Accounts
-This is really big. Stealing accounts is illegal and is just plain wrong!
2. Hacking the forum.
-Big as well. Anyone caught hacking the forum to do even one small change will be permanently banned. (duh)
3. Pornography / sexual content
-No pr0n. This is an all age forum.

Want to suggest a rule?
PM Tyman2007 or me.

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Forum rules
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