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 ZUN the god of Gensokyo REMAKE!!! RELEASE!!!

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PostSubject: ZUN the god of Gensokyo REMAKE!!! RELEASE!!!   Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:04 pm

So why Chuck Norris is in Mugen and why not ZUN to? now Touhou fan can enjoy watching ZUN KO all eneny that he encounter!

Q:Who is ZUN?:

A:Is the creator of the Danmakku series Touhou Project that become a phenominan later.

Q:Why did make ZUN in Mugen:

A:I made him because why there a Chuck Norris in Mugen but not ZUN he deserve a gift from making the serie and the fandom.

Q:Why did you make a remake?:

A:Because the old one was crappy,crappy sprite,coding and animation.

Q:Why he do nothing on my Mugen?

A:Because he work only on some screenpack if you want to make him work you to edit your screenpack or download a new one.

Exemple of character like him:Oni-Miko-Z,Mahavairo-Z,STMC,Dr. Manhanten.


DOWNLOAD LINK: sendspace.com p1d404

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ZUN the god of Gensokyo REMAKE!!! RELEASE!!!
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