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 RX-77-2G A.K.A God Kanako 45%

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RX-77-2G A.K.A God Kanako 45% Empty
PostSubject: RX-77-2G A.K.A God Kanako 45%   RX-77-2G A.K.A God Kanako 45% EmptySun Sep 27, 2009 11:08 pm

This is a powerful edit of Kanako the Goddess of the Sky the reason why i made this edit is to become a better reversaldef programmer and to help my firned to complete is character that need to learn reversaldef.

RX-77-2G A.K.A God Kanako 45% Mugen2-1

The Beta is release 45% if you want to know how she look like:

Her strongest pallette is 12:

Beta 45% download link: sendspace.com qjavsw

What need to do?:
Add invincible defense
Reverse reversal killer
reverse projectile killer
remove hitbox and made her immortal
Add hyper
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RX-77-2G A.K.A God Kanako 45%
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