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 AFRO Vs Naruto pointless Fic

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AFRO Vs Naruto pointless Fic Empty
PostSubject: AFRO Vs Naruto pointless Fic   AFRO Vs Naruto pointless Fic EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 10:14 am

AFRO SAMURAI was walking through a forest one day when a loud spiky haired blond kid jumped out and challenged him AFRO sighed and in a blink of an eye the kid was on the ground dead his head hand been torn off with the spine still attached. Ninja Ninja just said the same "DAMN MAN COLD BLOODED!!!" but he also added "THIS TIME A KID DAMN YOU ARE ONE SERIOUS MOTHER YOU KNOW THAT!!!"
The End
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AFRO Vs Naruto pointless Fic
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