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 Remembering the Past, of 1984

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Remembering the Past, of 1984 Empty
PostSubject: Remembering the Past, of 1984   Remembering the Past, of 1984 EmptyThu Nov 05, 2009 3:51 pm

In 13,000 CE
Moscow, Japan (Russia got taken over by Japan Empire in 5700 CE)

Keine: Ok, we are watching a history movie today. Just only the fight with the Generals of Oceania and Eurasia.
Daiyousei: Why don't you just (censored due to boring rules. was a good South Park Reference too......)
Keine: Daiyousei go to princaples office now.
Daiyousei: Ah **** you. *Leaves*
Keine: *Sighs* *starts movie*
1984 CE
Resien: Oceania London eh?
Cirno O'Brien: And war with Eurasia.

In Eurasia...
Remilia: We will invade London, and then Ireland! Come with me Chen and Tewi (can't beleive the rest of my army got killed off by Eastasia. Screw you Meiling)

Back in London...
Resien: Here they come!!
Cirno O'Brien: Get ready......
Tenshi Fuji: I'm prepared!
Suwako: *Nods*
Remilia: How are you all. We will be stealing all your land!!!
Cirno O'Brien: No you won't! Fight on!

From Oceania, the fighters:
Suwako 8900 HP, Cirno O'Brien 9000 HP, Tenshi Fuji 9500 HP, and Resien 5000 HP

From Eurasia (Continental Europe and Russia, combined)
Remilia 14,000 HP, Chen 1200 HP, Tewi 2300 HP

*Cirno O'Brien used Holy Ice Attack!* *Chen and Tewi dodged the attack!* *Remilia lost 2000 HP!*
*Tenshi Fuji used Sword Gun!* *The 3 dodged the attack.......*
*Suwako used Frog Call!* *Nothing happened.....yet*
*Resien used Moonlight* *Added 5000 HP to the Oceania Group!*
*Chen called for NEDM!* *Chen is now NEDM Chen and has 23,000 HP!*
*Tewi stole wallets!* *Nobody cared because Oceania had enough money still!*
*Remilia used Dark Twist Bite!* *The Oceania Group suffered and lost 4000 HP!*
*Cirno O'Brien threw Comedy Desk!* *Tewi and Remili a laughed so very hard that they lost 1000 HP!* *No effect on NEDM Chen...*
*Tenshi Fuji launched Lava Liquid Cannon!* *Tewi was heavily burned to death and lost 50000 HP!* *She died!* *NEDM Chen lost 35,000 HP! Cats are too weak when against fire! Chen died!* *Cirno O'Brien almost melted due to extreme heat!* *Suwako caught on fire and lost 2500 HP!*
Resien: HEY! Watch the flames!
Tenshi Fuji: Sorry!
*Remilia called for her Nazi Basment!*
*Adolf Finandreas (Has 5,000,000 HP btw) used SIEG HEIL!* *Nothing happened!*
Suwako: Oh great!
*Cirno O'Brien used Icy Huricane!* *Remilia lost 5000 HP!* *Adolf Finandreas lost 2300 HP!*
*Suwako used UFO attack of Frogs!* *Remilia and Adolf Finandreas lost 1200 HP!*
*Tenshi Fuji used Heat Death!* *Cirno O'Brien and Suwako ran away before it happened!* *Remilia lost 250,000 HP! and no longer exists because she got destroyed and died for good* *Adolf Finandreas lost 25,000 HP!*
*Resien used Super Moonlight!* *The Oceania Group gained 500,000 extra HP!*
*Adolf Finandreas used Giant Star Throw!* *The Oceania Group lost 25,000 HP!*
*Cirno O'Brien used Ice Age!* *Adolf Finandreas lost 650,000 HP!*
*Suwako used Holy Hand Grenade!* *Adolf Finndreas lost 450,000 HP!*
*Tenshi Fuji used Volcano Ashes!* *Adolf Finandreas dodged the attack.....boo....*
*Resien used Sunlight!* *The Oceania Group got an extra 900,000 HP!* *Resien's HP then decreased by 230,000 due to Sunlight!*
*Adolf Finandreas used Swastika Throw!**The Group lost 350,000 HP!*
*Cirno O'Brien fired Comedy Microphones with Sharp High tech Lazers!* *Adolf Finandreas lost 931,450 HP!*
*Suwako used Buddhist Temple!* *Adolf Finandreas lost 1,000,000 HP!* *Cirno O'Brien lost 250,000 HP!* *Eastasia gained defense and power!*
*Tenshi Fuji threw Russian Roulette!* *Adolf Finandreas lost 50,000$! and 1200 HP!*
*Resien threw Kenny!* *Adolf Finandreas killed Kenny!*
Meiling: She killed Kenny! You bastard! *Joins battle* (Has 700,000 HP)
*Adolf Finandreas used Dark Earthquake!* *The Oceania Group lost ????? HP! and they ave only 1HP remaining!* *Meiling dodged the attack just barely*

Meanwhile back at Eastasia...
Buddhist Ichirin: Ah, the war is really getting tough in London, as I can see through this crystal Ball..
Buddhist Iku: Ah, the stupid leader of Eurasia is undergoing her punishment. Hope she dies.
Buddhist Ichirin: Ah, me too!

Now returning to war in Oceania (London section)......
*Resien used Extreme Super Moonlight* *Oceania Group and Meiling [from Eastasia] gained 1,200,000 HP!*
*Cirno O'Brien threw Ice Leno!* *Adolf Finandreas lost 1150 HP!*
*Suwako used Yin-Yang Bomb!* *Adolf Finandreas is weaked by it's power and lost 940,000 HP!*
*Tenshi Fuji built up a mountain!* *Her defense rose by 100*
*Meiling used Kung Fu Slam* *Adolf Finandreas lost 2500 HP!*
*Adolf Finandreas disabled healing for both sides and used Dark Matter* *The Oceania Group (except Tenshi Fuji) lost 1,000,000 HP!* *Tenshi Fuji lost 100,000 HP!* *Meiling lost 10,000 HP!*
*Cirno O'Brien threw Ice* *Adolf Finandreas lost 2500 HP!*
*Suwako used Thunderstorm* *Adolf Finandreas lost 250,000 HP!*
*Tenshi Fuji just sit back and relaxed*
*Resien has no attacks to use!*
*Meiling used Kung Fu Buddhist Attack* *Adolf Finandreas lost 400,000 HP!*
*Adolf Finandreas went on a rampage!* *New Zealand got sperated in 1/2!* *Austrailia got split into 4!*
*Cirno O'Brien used Ice Beam!* *Adolf Finandreas lost 7500 HP!*
*Suwako used Tree Plant Slam!* *Adolf Finandreas lost 20,000 HP!*
*Tenshi Fuji grew in size!* *She used a Sumo Wrestling Style attack!* *Adolf Finandreas can't float in the sky no more and lost 50,000 HP!*
*Resien still can't do anything.......*
*Meiling called for a Buddha* *The Buddha fell from sky and crushed Adolf Finandreas!* *The enemy lost 50,000 HP!* *Eurasia became now a disputed area!* *War has ended, Oceania and Eastasia won the war!*
*Video ends*
Keine: So, any questions?
Cirno: Who was Cirno O'Brien and Tenshi Fuji?
Keine: Cirno O"brien was the ancestors of you, died in 3000 CE, Tenshi Fuji was the ancestor grandmother of Tenshi Hinanai [and she died in 2900 CE]. Buddhist Iku and Buddist Ichirin were also the ancestors [lived all the way until 5000 CE]. Suwako, Resien, and Meiling did live through that time period and still lived today. And as for Remilia, he no longer exists and is extinct.
Mystica: Hmm.....and who was Adolf Finandreas?
Keine: She was actually some sister of Remilia, but Eurasia made her change her name. She still lived and later on she got perished and destroyed in 2900 CE. She no longer exists and we are glad. No stupid idiotic twin sisters to worry about messing with this world. Bad enough North Korea managed to be it's own country even till now and surprisingly still poses a threat to us sometimes.
Cirno: When did the whole Eurasia, Eastasia, and Oceania and the Disputed Areas become normal seperate countrys with their own goverment?
Keine: At around 2400 that started to happen and lasted all the way until 5679 CE, then countries like Japan and Taiwan wanted to expand and claim land and some other confusing stuff too long to explain.
*Bell rings*
Keine: Class dismissed and see you all tomarrow!

In Principals office...
Daiyousei: *Whispers to self* Miss Keine sucks, she is a horrible teacher. This whole building can kiss my ***
Aya (she now princaple btw): What did you say?
Daiyousei: How would you like to shut your ***** mouth and go away!
Aya: That's it, you are now suspended for a whole week, please go home now.
Daiyousei: Fine, I will! *Leaves* ({Such a jerk})
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Remembering the Past, of 1984
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