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 The not-so Mysterious Mountain Range

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The not-so Mysterious Mountain Range Empty
PostSubject: The not-so Mysterious Mountain Range   The not-so Mysterious Mountain Range EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 6:41 am

Just arriving out of forest in Gensokyo

Reimu: Hey, where did the Yōkai Mountain go?

Sanae: I don't know...wait, that means my shrine's gone too!

Reimu: And the same with some other houses that were there....

Somewhere In Denmark...

Minamitsu Murasa: *sails down the Skjern River* Wait...is that, a mountain? But I thought mountains don't exist in Denmark, just hills... *turns on small portable tv*

News person (TV2 News Danmark)(from tv): Dette blot i..., Et bjerg af ingenting er for nylig blevet oprettet i Danmark. Naturligvis bjergene ikke eksisterer i Danmark, selvom det også er blevet rapporteret, at det kan være et andet bjerg et andet sted, bare transporteret her. Flere undersøgelser er stadig i gang om dette bjerg, så vent venligst...
[This just in..., A mountain from nowhere has recently been created in Denmark. Naturally, the mountains do not exist in Denmark, although it has also been reported that it may be another mountain somewhere else, just transported here. More investigation is still going on about this mountain, so please wait...]

Murasa: *turns off tv* Transported mountain...wonder who did this?

In Japan...

NHK News (from hotel's tv): ニュース速報、山はちょうどデンマークで結成! それがなぜ現れたかもしれないが、それはデンマークで発生する最も珍しいことです!
(Breaking news, a mountain just formed in Denmark! While it may have mysteriously appeared, it is the most unusual thing to happen in Denmark!)

Rin: *wakes up* A what? Mountain in Denmark? I must check this! *packs up abnd leaves*

Back in Denmark...

Murasa: *after a closer look at the mountain* This looks like the Yōkai Mountain! How did it end up here?

*UFO's fly by*

Murasa: Hmm..strangely suspicious..

Back in Gensokyo

Sanae: Did you transport the mountain..?

Kanako: Why would I do a thing like that?

*ground shakes slightly*

Sanae: Now what?

Reimu: Look over there...

Sanae: Is that the city, of Moscow?

Reimu: Well, looks like something is having fun switching locations around!

Kanako: It doesn't matter, I think I'll be living in this new city that was brought to us! *heads toward to the city*

Sanae: Why would....never mind! *follows along*

Back in Denmark

Murasa: Hello, do you know how the mountain got here?

Byakuren Hijiri: I have no clue, I was investigating this myself.

Murasa: What about this little coloured UFO's that are flying around. Did they do this?

Byakuren: Not at all, those small UFO's could have not been able to transport the whole mountain by themselves...

Murasa: Hmm....

Rin: ...not even in large groups?

Murasa: Not even that.

Byakuren: Well, wonder who did?

Murasa: The only guess could be is 1 of Nitori's inventions...

Back in Gensokyo

Nazrin: Does this city have any cheese?

Reimu: Find a shopping centre, there is no city nor town without some kind of store.

Nazrin: Whatever, this large city must have it! *runs toward it*

Reimu: ...

Nitori: If you're wondering why this city and the mountain got switched, I did it.

Reimu: Why?

Nitori: To try my new invention of course!

Reimu: Okay, well bring the mountain back over here then!....but keep Moscow here, it's time Gensokyo needed a city from the outside world. I was getting quite bored of nothing but quiet areas and all.

Nitori: Al-right then! *uses the new teleporter to move Moscow aside, and bring the Yōkai Mountain back in it's place* It is complete!

Reimu: Thanks.

Back in Denmark

Murasa: I was right.

Byakuren: ....now Denmark is nothing but a bunch of hills again, aww.

*Kangchenjunga mountain from the Himalayas takes the old mountain's place in Denmark*

Byakuren: Disregard that, the Danish now have the 3rd largest mountain in the world.

Rin: Looks even better I say.

Murasa: Makes you wonder what the Norwegians have to say about this.

Byakuren & Rin: Hmm...

Murasa: *turns on the tv to Norwegians news channel*

News person (TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, Norway)(from tv): Og Norge er stort sett fylt med fjell... Hvordan i all verden gjorde den danske innhente fjellet fra Himalaya? Dette er ikke mulig! Minst de har et fjell...
[And Norway is mostly filled with mountains... How on earth did the Danish obtain the mountain from the Himalayas? This is not possible! At least they have a mountain...]

Murasa: *turns off tv* Well, that pretty much sums up how Norwegians feel about this..

Byakuren: Not so much, some have mixed views about this...

Rin: True. Also did you hear about a city from Russia disappearing?

Murasa: What!? Which one?

Rin: Moscow, I think it's called.

Byakuren: Ah, I wonder how a country without it's capital would go.

In Russia...

Some Russian Politician: Черт инопланетные технологии! Верните нам нашу Москву!
[Damn alien technology! Give us back our Moscow!]

*New Capital of Russia becomes St. Petersburg*

Back in Denmark

News person (TV2 News Danmark)(from tv): Efter byen Moskva forsvandt, den nye hovedstad i Rusland er nu St. Petersborg. Ikke kun det, men en masse russere og russisk Politikere er pissed off, at Moskva er væk. Det er alt for nyheder i dag, se dig næste gang.
[After the city of Moscow vanished, the new capital of Russia is now St. Petersburg. Not only that but a lot of Russians and Russian politicians are pissed off that Moscow is gone. That's all for news today, see you next time.]

Murasa: *turns off TV again* Well no duh. I never knew Russia would be pissed off about it.

Byakuren: Don't worry, maybe they will find out who took it..maybe.

Rin: And it'll remain unsolved!

Murasa: So, want to visit the mountain?

Byakuren: You bet I do!

Rin: I would as well!

*the 3 race toward the mountain*

Back in Gensokyo

Reimu: So, how do you like the city that has been brought to us?

Parsee Mizuhashi: I'm jealous that it's very rich and has stuff we never seen before. Like these so called 'Lada Kalina' and so on. I would like to test those Lada Kalina as well.

Reimu: Well Moscow is going to remain here forever, so you will easily get used to seeing this area. Why not visit it?

Parsee: You bet I will. I shall see what they offer. *Runs toward the city*

Nitori: I guess this wasn't a bad idea after all.

Reimu: Most are enjoying it. Wonder how the Russians in that city feel about it as well?

Nitori: From my new updated translator machine, a lot of them enjoy the new surroundings it seems.

Reimu: Wonderful....

끝. (the end)

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The not-so Mysterious Mountain Range
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